What determines the battle incubator length?


I haven’t figured out why some are 8h, 3h and 15m. Can someone enlighten me? Thanks.

Free incubators for winning battles?

To quote Shaun of the Dead: “It’s on random.”


The rewards are greater the longer is takes. 3h appears to be the most common.


It’s odd. Sometimes I think “yeah .y dinos kicked butt I should get a gold incubator” then I don’t. Shrugs


I won a match 3-0 the other day, and got a 24 HR. epic DNA incubator from it.


Same. It was my first 24 hr incub. They’re usually 3 hr or 15 min, but you’ll occasionally get a 8, 12 or 24 hr one.


Actually, incubators you gain follow a priority, always been 3h - 15m - 3h - 3h - 8h(or 12h/24h)

You can got a 8h incubator per 5 victories. And this 8h rarely changed into 12h/24h.


It’s not random and it has nothing to do with the way you win. There is a pattern: You get them in a certain order. 3h - 3h - 8h/12h/24h - 3h - 15m - repeat. The 12h and 24h ones can only take the spot of the 8h one and that’s the only thing that depends on luck, the rest always follow that pattern. Hope it helped :slight_smile:


I don’t feel like that pattern is accurate. I swear I’ve gotten 2x 15min or 2x 8hr in a row…


Several members of this forum initiated a research and we all came up with the same pattern, confirmed with more than 5 cycles by myself and several cycles by others. I advice you to check it yourself, just collect data on what you get in order to check it :slight_smile:


I’ll definitely start recording my winnings. That pattern seems pretty accurate, but I thought for sure I’ve seen it break the cycle.


It’s random I’ve tried finding out but all I found out was they are mostly random but the more you go thru the better chance of getting the better ones. I use bucks for speed ups best way to spend that and leveling up.

Btw I just got 3 -8 hours in a row never before usually I get 2-3 8 hour incubators a day more around 2 but it’s pretty random but the obvious is the more u go thru the more chance of hitting a 24 hour or 12 hour ect … common sense…best of luck .



Your picture don’t prove anything. We made tests for a week and it’s following the pattern exactly. If you open only your 3h and 15min of course there will be only 8h left in your inventory. If you use cash to open incub it’s more obvious


That’s fine . Keep testing really I don’t care how often it is . Play the game enjoy it lol :joy: btw tests for a week dontnprove the outcome of every incubator maybe an 8 hour . Also how many people tested? Same areas? Different cities ? Country’s ? Maybe different rates ? I dunno a lot to consider when factoring in and out things ??


Btw don’t buy their incubators anyone LOL :joy:


Try seeing what the outcome is for other incubators those would be interesting .like 12 hour and 24 hour



Can you guys link to thread with people’s findings? I’ve been recording my rewards and so far I’ve seen two cycles as you’ve described. I want to start tracking win streaks to see if the 12 and 24 hr incubators really are random.

The game is fun, but this now just adds a whole new level of nerdy, like a science experiment!


Sorry to say, that pattern has nothing to do with me, the last five incubators I got was 8h - 8h - 8h - 12h - 15m


Really? That’s very surprising, and interesting.


The worst part is that I usually get more out of two 3h than one 8h, so not always a good thing anyway :expressionless:


Well, I’d rather all my incubators were 15m and 8h. And 24h of course, but the 3h ones annoy me. I want epic DNA :stuck_out_tongue: