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What determines trophy points awarded in the arena?


When I win in the arena there seems to be a lot of variability on how many trophy points I get. What determines the amount of trophy points awarded when you win a battle?
It seems like when you lose, you always lose 26 to 34 points. A lot of times when I win 1 point or 11 points. How can you build up your points when you lose 30 but only win 1? Makes you not want to even play sometimes.
Can anybody clarify how the trophy point system works?


It is unclear. The only known fact is that you lose more trophies and win less trophies if your opponent’s trophy count is lower than yours, whereas the opposite is true if the opponent’s trophy count is higher… Don’t despair, I have lost as many as 46 trophies in a game… Today I lost 40…


I never paid close attention before today and lost close to 40. Is it a matchmaking issue?


Quick question guys anybody know how the amount of trophies given for a win or taken away for a loss, it seems to me a bit all over the place I’ve played this morning got a win gained 18 trophies got another win gained 27 lost a battle and lost 33 I have lost 50 in the past Any ideas how it works


Just played another lost the battle and lost 30 won the next gained 24 it doesn’t look like anybody seems to know how it works, is it how well you win or how bad you lose the battle maybe winning against higher level dinos or winning convincingly gains you more trophies or losing to lower level dinos means you lose more I would love to know


Basically, if you face an opponent with a higher trophy count, you are awarded more trophies for a win and lose less trophies for a loss… The opposite is true if you face an opponent with a lower trophy count… The bigger the difference in trophy count going into a battle, the greater the trophy win or loss… These are the basic mechanics, but the exact formula is unknown to me…

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@Anthony_Papadopoulos That makes sense cheers buddy👍🏻