What device do you use for forums

One is clearly superior to the others

  • Phone
  • iPad
  • Computer
  • McDonald’s ice cream machine
  • Proceratomimus

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I agree. If you can manage to get on here with an ice cream machine that’s always broken, that IS superior!


I prefer to use the computer but phone is with me wherever I go.


Real JWA forum pro’s pickup a phone and scream dial tones over the line till your message is posted.


I prefer the comp so much I just wait till I’m home to check the forums.
I even try my best to only use discord on my phone when it’s absolutely necessary.
JWA doesn’t like switching between apps and since the app is almost always open trying to do anything else on my phone is just one big hassle.


Much prefer my PC but will use my phone if I have to

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I was using my phone and computer but one day it just started saying the website was unsecured or something and my computer stopped working. Works fine on other sites.

McDonalds ice cream machine, due to how delicious the ice cream is. I also occasionally use phones, and maybe procerathomimus. But I mostly use the icecream machine

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I can’t be the only one using I-pad for the forums… am I? Oh well.

It must really suck to have more people using proceratomimus instead of an iPad

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What can I say? My beloved Christmas Ostrich is multi-purpose!! :rofl::rofl::yum::yum:

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Real answer: Ice cream machine.

Fake answer: Phone (with the advanced technology of the ice cream machines nowadays does anyone even use phones when given the option? Ice cream and internet :heart_eyes:)

Although Procerathomimus is also used. This under used beauty needs more love.


You are. You truely are. Does JWA run on iPads?

Oui. (Yes in French)

Pc when at work, phone at home!