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What did you decide for maxima for the survey

I choose it to be more of a evasive counter and to keep instant invincibility

I don’t remember the exact one i picked, but i know i wanted her to be an evasive counter. Instant invincibility stays.

I think I chose the evasive counter/anti tank one as well. Definite strike + Instant Invincibility

I chose Definite strike + Instant Incibility, Maxima need a move to remove dodge I think Def strike is the best choice because decel strike is almost useless, decel impact and DSR are more useful in every situations, about instant invicibility I thought it’s really useful against Erlidom but Maxima gets very hurt against him even with instant invicibility, maybe bellow is the best choice is more useful to counter Indo g2 and others speedsters like Phorus

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SDS, Precise Impact, DSR.

I kept it status quo because all the ones that I have faced have become a hearty meal for my Thor


Definite strike
Decelerating impact
defense shattering rampage
and then I chose bellow to replace instant shield.

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I chose 2 options that i found acceptable:

  1. Shielded decel strike, precise impact and DSR
  2. Definite strike, decel impact and DSR

As long as It keeps DSR I’m not mad


Does anyone remember the choices or have screenshot cause I don’t remember what I picked but I’ll probably remember when I see it

There were those 2 that i mentioned and 2 more others, the one with long decel strike, definite impact and null rampage; and the one with definite strike, decel impact and precise rampage. I’m not 100% sure but it’s probably that.
There was also status quo.

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Me when I see maxima still has a defense shattering rampage move

I think I choose null which I think is the most balanced option; like I don’t mind it having a definite is defense shattering strike or impact but a rampage or even devastation no thxs

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Definite strike
Decel impact

Keep Instant I

Maxima without a shattering rampage is no Maxima to me. Being a hybrid made of secodonto It fits very well and is the reason i liked Maxima in the first place( aside from design). It It loses DSR i’ll be very disappointed. We’ll see what happens…

Well the definite rampage was already removed and from the looks of It Ludia won’t go back on that. Now, a simple DSR is by no means unbalanced on It.
Wasn’t the null rampage option the one that only has the basic move as the first hit? Having no impact on the first turn is a pretty direct nerf, that’s my main reason for not choosing that option. If definite impact didn’t have a delay It wouldn’t be bad, though in my preference i don’t think null moves fit Maxima.

P.S. Your new profile picture and username are a Nice combo :laughing:

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I liked all the alternatives aside the precise rampage one, so i picked all three.
For the defense i choose bellow, i don’t like II on Maxima, it doesn’t fit at best with dino in my opinion. But maybe that’s just me :sweat_smile:

I voted for it to have a definite base strike to counter Dodgers, but I dont recall the other options, my memory is worse than a brain damaged goldfish lol


The decel does come in handy against priority cleanse opponents or dig in and Indo Gen2 if it goes for mutual for the extra damage

I chose either anti-dodge or the other with the slowing kit, but I went for invincibility because I like to see Erlidoms try to be hasty instead of trying to be sneaky.

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Lol see this is why maxima should not have any defense shattering rampages
It had 1096 attack and add to that a oh idk a 30% crit?!