What did you drop from last ToM?

Post here below what you dropped from last ToM.
Maybe it’s just my impression but it seems there were only Legendary cards of Halbenet gear (based on posts on FB and my experience).

I dropped:

  • Legendary Helm (Halbenet) from the purple chest,
  • Legendary **** Ring (Halbenet) from round 9.

I got the legendary Tommus weapon (as well as some non-legendary Halbenet stuff from other rewards)

Don’t think it was limited to Cleric gear. I personally got the rogues hood and people in my guild were dropping legendsries all across the board.

On another note. I think overall many in my guild were pleased, or at lease not displeased with the effort to reward ratio of this ToM event. 9 wins for a legend and a high level box feels generous enough to make people happy. Even for those who struggled and had to refresh a couple of times, it still doesn’t feel bad for what you get:)

Agree! Devs maybe feel guilty, this ToM was very nice, maybe even too easy.

I got a ranger bracer!!

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