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What did you get from 10/10 scent strike?

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic

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Whenever I see the team is 9 velo, 10 stego, 11 Apato, I know there’s a shot at an epic. Got one today!

My vote was removed.

Why was it removed by the mods?

I got a large scent.

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I got a common.

Large common here too. I rarely get anything else and have tried making an actual battle out of it thinking it might make a difference and it doesn’t.

I got an epic and it was the first good epic scent I’ve used. I usually get 1-2 epics at most and usually crap epics like concavenator. Today though:

  • 2 Trex
  • 2 Sino
  • 1 Bary
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i ran an epic that i got from previous scent strike, then i got another :blush:

was hoping it wasnt a rare because i already have 2 and it would be wasted

I got 4 Erlik.

i ran one in L2 tonight and got 2 raja, one erlik one trex. all good though i need all. but erlid will be 30 in 40 dna and dioraj in 50

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Nice! Luckily I live in zone 2.

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was hoping for more erlik. ive been slacking, busy with whole team should be 30.