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What did you get in the strike event


Maybe better yet, what Dino was part of the strike event that you didn’t receive any of in the Epic incubator. Mine was easy, Irritator. The one I was hoping for. I guess a harder pill to swallow would be getting 1 dna of it.


Same here 0 Irritator… meh… :unamused:

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0 irritator here too

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Allo, dime gen 2, rex gen 2, gorgo, bary, and second. So happy…


Irritator 0 ;0(


No irritator either, but 4 barry rest rex, so was happy about that.


people are paying 10,000 cash for an incubator and getting 0 irritator
certainly not getting it from a free strike event


31 minutes, not too bad for the first Debbie Downer to come along. I think we can do better next time.


Yeah, if it weren’t for the coins, the incubator would be useless. No irritator here either. Plus I got 47 T-Rex and 372 or something Secondo.

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I got Rex Gen 2 and Kaprosuchus as well :roll_eyes:


Which event are you talking about again?


Nothing get them :woozy_face:


I didn’t do the strike event yet.


didn’t get any irritator :S
but according to metahub it is in the reward pool: Rare Dinosaurs
– Baryonyx Gen 2, Irritator, Kaprosuchus, Gorgosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex Gen 2, Postosuchus


No irritator, I got 600 from yesterday’s epic. I did get almost 200 bary today and a few thousand tarbo.


Got many T-rex and baryonix. No irritator.