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What did you get on Pyrritator/Utasinoraptor? I created it my 1st attempt!


Here’s what I got (at lvl 14 vip shockingly, don’t know how I did this!)
1st attempt:

2nd attempt:


Coolio, I’ll probably be darting Utahsinoraptor, I’ll share my results when I go an dart then :slight_smile:


damn at lvl14 you can get 17 dna/direct hit on a legendary if I am correct. That means you had 15 direct hits :open_mouth:


Didn’t know I suck at darting until seeing this post :confused:


And I felt great at lvl 18 with VIP when I darted 152 and 158 on Pyrri…damn…
But to defend myself, I had to go for the tail several times. :joy:

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I haven’t done them yet, I’m waiting till I get closer to one


That’s right :smile: missed a dart on the 2nd one - still got 255!
the 1st one I ended up getting 12 direct hits!


not to be too suspicious :smiley: but if you missed a dart on the second one (255 dna) that would mean you shot 16 darts and I always knew 15 is the max :wink:


I’ve shot 16 darts before. It takes quick timing. :wink:
also don’t ask why I created my account 4 days ago. my name changed to @anon32111043 and I got logged out - had to make a “new” one. :smile:

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My darting is very poor i got 80 and 90 on a f2p account level 17


LOL 180s both times at lvl 20… I’ve always known I’m “meh” at darting, but the raptors I’m usually pretty good with. Didn’t feel it here.


Dam it seems like i will need a miricle for next weekend i realy got to up my game


Attempt 1: 200
Magna fuses: 40/50/10/10

Attempt 2: 201
Magna fuses: 20/40/30/30

I’m happy :slight_smile:


Only just started fusing for that bad boy


Isn’t 15 the max darts…

That is why 450 is max on commons at level 20.


what if you miss or get less than (direct hit amount) on 1 or 2 of your darts though


17 dna at your level x 15 darts equals 255. not sure how you missed one.


I shot 16 darts - I do that on commons rares and epics (and pyrritator it was kinda easy to dart.)
You expect me to shoot 16 darts on rinex tomorrow?


No I don’t expect you to shot 16 darts as I didn’t think that was possible.

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it is. :smiley: