What did you go for on the legendary day

Just wondered what people went for on this event. I went for tryo since I was 30 dna away from a level 19 and had no Baryonyx dna

I went for Tryo and unlocked it :+1:

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Nice, will you be using it in raids?

Skoola and unlocked it and got it to lvl. 18

Skoola and got it to level 19

Sure thing :wink:

Would have gone for tryo but I have plenty of its ingredients and have it +20, and one of its ingredients is now a raid so thats taken care of, and skoola I just don’t have at skoona fusing levels yet so it’s some xtra dna for lvl 20

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I darted tryo just so I could get it to 26
That way I can do mortem rex guaranteed without having to reset if mortem crits at a bad time

I went with tryo and was disappointed after getting 32 on him…
The tail shot was incredibly hard for me :disappointed_relieved:

I went for tryo, now I’m (I think) less than 100 DNA from leveling it up to level 23

That’s what happened to me. I think I missed on and then got a deflection. I ended up with 60 extra tryo