What did you guys do?!

So I take a half-year break and decide to come back expecting new features and things to be fixed. You can imagine my surprise, then, when I discover the handful of things that have since been broken and NONE of the issues the game has been having have been fixed.

What the hell happened to dodge? Who at Ludia actually thought a “sometimes-partial-shield” was a good idea to replace what was there???

What happened to crit rates of crit creatures? 5% crit still goes off like crazy but creatures I effect to crit have their ratings reduced?

Every second dino has speed-reducing moves now. What gives? Why does EVERYONE need a bloody speed reduction?

And worst of all, BOOSTS? What colossal dunce decided to implement this??? I mean, I could understand it more if by boosting once stat you reduce another, that would have made things interesting, but THIS? All you’ve done is add bonus level power to an already-broken matchmaking system plus skewed the speed race, making this system is broken.

I mean come ON. You had so much potential with this IP to do better than this; how on earth did you come to the decision to make things worse in so many categories?



Oh hi welcome back. it’s fun isn’t it? Sense my sarcasm?

Somebody put a tent on this circus!


Don’t exaggerate you weren’t gone for 6 months.

In fact you were barely gone… Not even long enough for the forum to say it’s been a while.

And you knew what has been happening since the forum’s send out a spam message every month.

Nice attempt though


Humm… well, fake reaction or not, that’s all true.


Welcome back!
See you in 6 more months!

Nice job super sleuth.
Here’s a Trophy :trophy:

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go back to hibernating. youll never get it

I have, in fact, been gone. But yes, the forum gives notifications when people reply to threads I made months and months ago, so out of simple curiosity I check them. I haven’t been keeping up, and honestly, it’s enough of a surprise to find the game in a state of disrepair to warrant an outburst. It isn’t a surprise to see the ego of some forum members like yourself is still over-inflated, however. Carry on, I suppose.


I took a 6 month break between 1.4 and 1.6. Came back and 1.7 fiasco started a couple weeks later, games been garbage ever since.
If I was to ever quit again I would not be coming back.

When I stopped playing initially it was due to burnout, but if I would quit again it would be because the game is total rubbish, so there would never again be an urge to come back.

Hopefully Ludia can fix the rage induction unfair arena and hire an exterminator to deal with the rat infestation.

I have given Ludia until 1.9 to resolve said issues, if not im gone.

Edit: And even their forum now throws errors every single post…they really are terrible at keeping things running smoothly.


I’ve taken several breaks since the beginning, mostly due to my infatuation with all things dinosaur-related and if I’m being honest the dino renders are gorgeously done. There’s also the collection aspect which isn’t hindered by mind-boggling arena decisions. What keeps the game in the back of my mind after burnout is the potential for this to be a better game than it is. I haven’t been quite THIS disappointed before, though.

In all honesty if I had known the patch 1.7 fiasco and boosts was going to start 2 weeks after I came back I would never have returned.

Can’t fault you for that; lesson learned, though, I’ll definitely read the patch notes before getting my hopes up next time.

Truth be told, I’ll stick around a little bit longer, some of these hybrids look interesting enough that I want to unlock them, but unless I intentionally play lower-tier arenas again I’m staying away from PvP and never putting a penny back into the game.

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What makes it even worse in your specific case is that you can never catch up to the level you were at anymore. Everyone has gotten a ton of boosts and you have none. You will drop and drop and drop and then notice it’s not possible to ever get to a decent amount of trophies again. Even the lower opponents you sometimes face have many boosts on certain dinos and all the fun will disappear. Still wanna come back? :stuck_out_tongue:


Less and less so. I already take issue with people having high-level teams steamrolling lower rated arenas, and the boosts just complicate the issue much further.

Yeah in the past all you had to do to reach the top was to grind enough to power up your team, and get better at the game skill and strategy wise…now even with skill and a maxed level 30 team you still need boosts.

And if you are free player by the time you ever reach the tier 10 max for boosts, they will just move the finish line further and add another 5 or 10 tiers to the top. So instead of needing tier 10 it becomes tier 15, and then 20, and then they will add crit and armour boosts, and then increase the dinosaur level cap to 40 and so on, its a carrot on a stick.

As I said, ive given them to patch 1.9 to either remove speed boosts or massively nerf them like the initial nerf (I think they need to be cut in half again - but give a roll back so those who invested in one can choose something else) and also fix the arena imbalances.

These two things might be seen as asking for a lot, but those things which imo are crucial balancing changes are somehow seen as “asking for too much” than its not a game I wanna be apart of anymore.

And remember things will only get worse if they are allowed to get away with this.


Also if it ever gets so bad that I do straight up quit, I will be contacting Universal directly and putting all my grievances and their ineptitude in terms of handling cheaters and the way to get players hooked on a game then switching to a gameplay model that tries to goad players into spending on boosts to keep their own team viable.
Then creates a matchmaking system which punishes levelling up the normal free way (grinding DNA and coins) yet allows massively boosted dinosaurs via spending to not affect the matchmaking…further pushing the player towards spending to maintain their team.

Now some might turn around and say “But Stiff Universal will see the money being made and not care!”, well I disagree, it will make Universal look into the practices they are using, and also check into the dwindling player base.

There is ONE thing that Universal would hate more than a bad bottom line, and thats a company destroying their Intellectual Property and franchise.
Do you really think Universal would want their copyrighted material being made to look bad and crush any chance of making money off it in the future via another company? no way!


Let me tell you a little story of the Anti-Cheat company called “PunkBuster”, this is a software company that developed AC software which was incorporated into most of the big online games around.
Well they had this built in system that if someone was caught using any cheap or hack that interferes with the running of the PB software, it would HARDWARE BAN their computer from playing ANY online game that ran their software…

So that meant for instance if someone was hardware banned while playing say Americas Army, they would be UNABLE to play online in Call of Duty, or Crisis!
I know all this because at the time I used to play Americas Army and ran my own Anti-Cheat website and developed AC tools and scripts for server admins to use to keep their games clean.

Well anyway after some vocal cheaters were hardware banned from one game, and were unable to play a TOTALLY different game, they went to the developers of the games and told them they weren’t able to play their newest games because they were banned from ANOTHER companies game, a rival company!
And you know what happened? many companies demanded the removal of the hardware banning system or they would pull PunkBusters rights from the game.

Shortly after PunkBuster ceased ALL hardware banning and lifted ALL hardware bans and never again used the system in fear of losing the rights to support their games.

Universal could very well see the mismanagement of their IP and pull the rights, and then Ludia is done.


Yes the main PvP is pretty garbage at the moment but not as garbage as it was in 1.7.

The boost thing is becoming an issue not their are players able to get tier 8 speed on Thor and things like that. If you have evenly used your boosts across the team and they draw their Thor you are screwed, 100% loss coming your way and because the rest of their team is low level you lose 45 trophies in the process. Only saving grace is that not so many players have done this.

The only thing which keeps be around at the moment are the tournaments. They have been good fun and only recent ones have allowed boosts, which is a downer. But now they have added boosts and the ridiculous unsporting matchmaking and trophy system to the tournaments I might lose the faith in those as well.

Then I will be down to small amount of time per day just to finish the dinodex and dart the rarer dinos.

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Currently I just play the game to complete my dailies and do strike towers (I still like towers a lot and sanctuaries) and to micromanage my alliances as I run one :). Actually had to purge 15 members last night, but it will strengthen the alliance as they were either inactive or whatever.

The other half of my time I have been relearning Diablo 3 which has been fun. I currently play a Helltooth ChickenDoc (Witch Doctor), its hilarious as you get to run around as a chicken and carry a dead chicken in your hand lol, as well as a special weapon passive that infects all things I pass with a DoT which is my own personal addition to the build.

Anyway here is hoping Ludia listen to the players and fix the alliance chat and other glaring bugs, make matchmaking fair and not punishing to those who level their teams the old fashioned way, and HOPEFULLY cut the power of speed boosts in HALF again like they did after the 180 speed Thor fiasco.

Honestly speed boosts should only have ever added 1 point of speed per tier, not like 7.