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What Dino Event Week do you guys want from Lydia?

For me I want Erlidominus Week! (Raptor + Trex + Erlikosaurus) :wink:

The “we messed up and are taking boosts out” week!


It would be fun if they had an arena exclusive week. Bary 2, Irritator, stigy, stigy 2, ect. But not under the green boxes. In the wild.


I think I would die from happiness if they did that.

Tuoji or Tenonto rares for me. Grypo and Kentro again lol.



If that happens, Ludia will dilute Bary G2 and Irritator with 10 other Rares so players cannot farm them easily.

I like the area exclusive week idea! This week has killed me as all the green box around me only 1 out of 10 is irritator :sob:

I wouldn’t mind a week with Tarbosaurus in it, I still need him level 20 to start fusing Thor.

Another fast week (with Erlikosaurus) also wouldn’t be bad.

I also like the arena exclusive week idea.

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Dimetrodon G1, Pyroraptor would be great. Also, I’d love a crack at Rajasaurus again. I can’t level my Diorajasaur until I can get the Rajakylo and get it to 20.

All I want is for Ludia to bring the old trophy system back… putting boosts on hold indefinitely would be a bonus.

If they do that I’ll be happy if the weekly event is Lythronax… every day :smirk_cat:

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Well I’m short DNA from the last 3 big things on Darwin epic, pyroraptor, and tenonto. But I’d like to try and make some of the new hybrids I have one legendary outnof the 3 or 4.ita really slow going on collecting enough DNA to create them. So those are my ideas

I desperatly need Velociraptor and Monolophosaurus.

Or a event like the St. Patricks Day where you could get some unique DNA.

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Dilophosaurus, please! :sob:


I would share with you if I could :slight_smile: I have a ton somehow and green chicken is a 27.

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Touji would be appreciated

Raja and erliko g2

I need anky badly now that Dio is fixed and useable. I guess they dont spawn in the wild anymore except on the 1 migration day a week?

One that has an influx of Tarbo

Oranosaurus and anky