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What dino should be on my team



Alanqua and baryonix gen2 out.
Alanqua is useless. It is only usefull against I-Rex.
The whole baryonix family is also very weak.
(Beside tryostronix).

Get stegosaurus and dracorex gen2 into your tram.
Stego is a solid dino on her own.
And dracorex gen2 is on unique level of power right now. He can snip any mid to low hp dino and win you the game.

But at your level i suggest you to focus on farming and darting. Look at the uniques and think to yourself:" witch one do i realllllllly want".
Then start darting the dinos. Things change realy fast at your level.

Good luck and hope to see you at higher ranks some day.


I would take out secodontosaurus and bary gen 2 for suchotator and einiasuchus. They are very good rare hybrids that can carry you to Jurassic ruins, and their ingredients are relatively easy to farm.

Ornithomimus is a very strong rare and it spawns globally as well. You can level up it as well if you are not expecting a future hybrid from it, otherwise level it to 10 or 15.


I would love to but I work a lot of hours the only farming time I get is here at home and thus far not good dinosaurs. So I depend on battles.

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The fact that Alanqa can be useful against Indominus can be VERY good in the future. I did that a lot before I had Alankylo… But I doubt he’ll face many I-Rex at that level.

Baryonyx G2 really should go, and Draco G2 is a good option… even at level 10, it can do serious damage. Just use its swap in ability.