What Dino should I go with?

Ok so last time I asked this question I was trying to replace I believe, Suchatator as I don’t like using it, even though It will be great in the DoT Meta, and I ended up replacing it with Rajakylo! Which has been working out pretty well, I mean the amount of low health dinosaurs that I finished off simply by swapping Raja in is staggering lol.

Anyways last night I finally got some more Sino DNA and was able to unlock Utahsinoraptor (yeah it took me 17.5 levels to get enough Sino to unlock it lol) and have put it on my team. However at level 16 its pretty far behind my teams average…the next lowest being Rajakylo at level 19.

So I ask the community what would YOU put in place of Utahsino (if you do choose to switch it out, after all it does have decent damage even at this level, just really low health!)?

Also I do know that my team is lacking dinosaurs that can Null, with Invincibility Emu being the only one! But is there any other glaring issues that you may see that I cannot? Something im lacking? something I should have but don’t?

My rating is generally between 4625 - 4790 or so!

Here is my team and what I have to work with (coins are a limiting factor for me for the record!):

Thanks in advance community!

You have indominus rex on your team.

Use trago, level 16 is way too low.

I don’t like playing as tanks, way too many in the game! I’d rather lose fast and go onto the next match then make to match 10 times longer and maybe still lose anyway :joy:

Oh and as for Indominus Rex I really like the dinosaur and at times it’s a get out of gaol free card :innocent:

Utasinoraptor is too low at 16 and Indominus Rex is just useless, too much of a risk to cloak all the time. U would be better off putting Tragodistis or up your para to 20 and put it in
Edit or even your T-Rex would be good too

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I totally understand that. It’s just the ease of leveling makes me have to use trago and stegod. I also love to use quick dinos and my pyrritator is only lv 18 and I’m still using it in lockwood, but now the level difference is too big to make up. (my trago is 25, stegod 26 and lv 18 is something even players in low sorna marshes have)

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Problem with Trex is that it will get one good hit off then die…and if its damage is nerfed on the first turn it won’t even get that good hit off! When I used it in Sorna Wastelands and a little in Ruins, I only ever got off ONE hit before it getting killed -_-!
which is a real shame since the Trex is my all time favourite dinosaur!

As for Indom I normally use it last when the other player may not have any counters left, and many times I won’t even cloak lol.

Anyways right now ive taken Utahsino off the team as its way too low and ive put Tany in its place till I can workout the best thing to go with!

Such a hard choice though since I don’t have the coins to risk wasting on a Dino that may not stay in my team for long!

Heck I might even put Monolometrodon back in as it is level 22 and does have shield break and nulls…its just I know I cant waste coins on it because its not good end game due to its stats…and such a boring dinosaur to play with!
Though it does have immunity which will be important in the Bleed Meta thats apparently around the corner =/

Gah dunno what to do LOL

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You need coins bad hey. You have to be really really stingy with those coins. I too finally got enough Sino DNA to create Uthasinoraptor this week but my teams similar to yours (not quite as good) so have left sinoceratops at level 11.
Now this part might hurt a bit to hear sorry…
It’s a bit wordy too so stay with me. Ive also got raj at level 11 with 2530 DNA so I could create the hybrid to level 19 maybe 20 however I didn’t because if I can get an average of 158 Kentro this weekend I should be able to unlock the Unique. It appears if you hadn’t gone with the Raj hybrid that you would be in the same position. Your Trex is L19 and you would have plenty of Anky DNA if you didn’t waste it on Raj (I know it has a unique too but apparently it’s not as good and your not in L3 so getting that tuojiang thing to L20 is going to be a long way off even if you do visit 150 greens in the next couple of days and track down 30 of them). All I’m saying is that if your like me (F2P) which you look like you must be considering the sever lack of coins you have you gotta be really certain with your team. Can’t level everything up to 20. I really wanna try out uthasinoraptor I love how it dominates SS but like you it’s gonna be too low to make my team long term. Anyway this message went way longer than I meant it too. It also sounds a little condescending which is rich coming from someone with a worse squad so sorry about that. I feel like you will take it the right way. Looking forward to you strike tower vid in a couple of days.

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