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What dino should i level up

Hmm… I’d go for Gryposuchus, you seem to be pretty close (3 more copies), and it’s a really good heavy hitter.


Can I see your lineup to see what class you are lacking?

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Everything except carnivores

if i were you i would stop doing level 20 indoraptor…

I didn’t see a single pterasaur but there is no option for pterasaurs so I think you definitely need more of them

Perhaps Tupandactulus

I did not win that, and I have leval 20 and the other level 10 Eudimorphodon

I am not level them up because gaming beaver said leave them be.

Ok but you need at least 1 more good pterasaur

What pterasaur hybrids to you have?

choose the triceratops gen 2, the triceratops gen 2 !!!

I have Tropeogopterus at leval 10, Limnorhynchus at max, and a level 10, and I have the other common at level 20.

Try the Tropegopterus

not worth the DNA. Go for tapejalosaurus because

  1. A lvl 20 tapejalosaurus is as good as a lvl 30 trope (same for 30 tape and 40 trope)
  2. tape is cheaper
  3. tape has a s hybrid

I am going for the super hybird