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What dino should I put ALL my boosts into?


Haven’t played the game that much now, but want to enjoy to play with a uber-mega-dino.

What are the best dinos to put all your boosts into?

Don’t care about balance, just want to crush other players team.


Do NOT put all your boosts into 1 dinosaur. When you battle and you don’t draw it, it’s likely game over for you my friend.


I wouldn’t do just one dino, I’d do two so you have a better chance of drawing at least one in every battle (and often both). It also depends on what you can level. Gemini would be a great one, for example, but it’d be hard to get a gemini high enough level to crush full teams. So probably something that’s good fully boosted but easy to level… the usual suspects are thor, indo g2, sometimes procerathomimus (though the latter two fall off at higher levels where people have high-level counters).

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You almost got me there @Moksha! :sweat_smile:

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I think this post was meant as a joke to run a boosted thor

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In the arena…?! :thinking::thinking:

Yeah. I think you are right!

I have started with my Queen.

But I would like to have another dino, that’s not THOR.

I have two ideas. But I’m not sure they would work that well any longer in the arena.

Either keep boosting my Utasino:

Or working on the Gorgo:

Speedy high attack Gorgosuchus would be quite an arena sweeper.


I don’t even care if this is a joke thread; I’m gonna answer seriously anyway!

Tryo is a good choice. I’ve run into a few high-level, highly-boosted ones and they’re practically unstoppable when they outspeed everything I’ve drawn. I ran into a level 29 (I think) highly boosted utasin recently and it was no joke either, but both it and gorgo suffer from not being immune to anything. I’d probably go with gorgo over utasin just because it can cleanse slows/bleeds/whatever.


I would advise against this tactic for a few reasons -

  1. If its not drawn you will be at a big disadvantage (as others have said)
  2. If the dinosaur gets nerfed you just lost a huge investment.
  3. You will become part of the problem (queue the “I wont become the thing I hate” theme from Duke Nukem - Time to Kill)
  4. In the end you will hit the inevitable wall where you cant progress anymore…that or the “Quicksand” matchmaking algorithm.
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There’s only one option… Lythronax



Please don’t. It makes the arena less fun.

Tryostronix, Alloraptor would be my choices…

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: 10

Apply them all to Thoradolo lol. An all maxxed thoradolo would be so unique. Since you know, we never see those.



I think this actually is a interesting question.

We have battled against a few of Ludias own uber-dinos. First the Lord Lythorax and later on the 1 April.

Why coulden’t we then make our own overpowered dinos, with what we have to use…!?

Thanks for your suggestions. Maby I’m not that off on my choices…

Yeah. I agree. I think this could be a really good one!

You have some good points. And its true.

I see my self as a old and former player now.
I’m starting to get really behind and many of the dinos nowdays you can’t even hunt or see.

I think its better to start boost some monsters and have fun with with I already collected from all the hunting and investment.

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This made me laugh so loud :joy::rofl:


I went for the Utasino.

Tired of this now.

May the force be with Utasino!


Yay, 2222 attack! I loved mine when she was at that level.