What Dino that you still feel ‘safe’ even facing at higher level

As topic said, we all mourning when facing like L20+Monomimus/ L26+Indoraptor those things made us feel uncomfortable somehow.

How about even at thier high level like L20+ and so on, you still feel ‘alright just beat in to the ground’ when fighting against them?

Mine is Tragodistis, she is really great tank but I don’t scare of her even facing at L26+ really a bit (maybe bcoz her friendly face?) :wink:

10 magnas.

Tanycolagreus. Easy peasy.

Any raptor as they where nerfed into the ground with almost everything getting ss and still haven’t had their turn to be buffed into outer space. The legendaries are moderately intimidating but not much

Alankylosaurus & Pyritattor. Both weak

Monolometrodon and Ankylocodon. I think highest level I have ever faced those 2 have been 28lvl. Both easy.

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I don’t mind facing the Indo-duo and funky-chicken anymore because my entire team is setup to counter these common threats… in fact I’m disappointed if someone doesn’t play thier I-Rex and immediately cloak (rubbish tactic btw very easily counterable - tip: if you want a better strat strike first, cloak second/third).

P.S. I liked what you said @Dhrita_Gane Tragodist is really cute, I want one as a pet.

Hahaha yup, as for me, I’ve lost to Tragod several time but I dont hold grude against her like indo-mimus duo. When she beats me, i was like ‘oh not bad gal, way to go’ then that’s it!

Btw mine still L18 and no plan to level her soon :rofl: