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What Dinos do you want in the game?

I’ve come up with a list of dinosaurs that I think the community would want in the game, pick which one you would like to be in the game.

  • giganatosaurus
  • memenchiosurus
  • compy
  • corythosaurus
  • saurophaganax
  • herrasaurus
  • styracosaurus
  • pachyrinosarus

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on Tuesday or Wednesday I’ll take the top vote and give its stat total at lvl 26.

Obscure Creatures

Giga base state Total: rarity: epic

4500 hp
1600 atk
105 speed
cleansing strike
nullifying impact
armor piercing rampage
resistances: 100% stun, 75% vunrability, 50 percent distraction.

I want Giga as an Apex boss don’t care if it’s only a non hybrid

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I don’t know pretty much any of these creatures. But Gigantosaurus sounds cool

I just don’t get as hyped for therapods as many others do. Giganotosaurus (jig-a-note-o-sore-us, not “gigantosaurus”) was basically a sauropod killer and not much more. Its jaw was narrow like Allosaurus and it probably lacked the ability to crush bone that T-Rex had. If it were to be added to the game, I would suggest that it be hindered by armor, but able to rend or bleed.

That being said, I would much rather see more Ceratopsians and Hadrosaurs. We have’t even scratch the surface of how weird some of both of those families could look.

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