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What dinos should they ad

cool but tyrannosaur dosent need more hybrids

I think Mamenchisaurus, Ceratosaurus, and Corythosaurus should also be added to Jurassic World Alive.


They should add a hybrid of Edaphosaurus and Scutosaurus

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Maybe they could make something like Indominus Rex, like Pyroraptor and Allosaurus or Troodon and Tarbosaurus.

This post confuses me… are u saying indominus rex should be added to the game?

No, but something like it, for instance Indom is Velociraptor and T rex but something like Velociraptor, e.g Troodon, and something like T rex, e.g Allosaurus would make something like Indom, probably called Malusaurus or Mortemis.

cool but i think they should add torosaur chasmosaur pachyrinosaur diabloceratops and chosmoceratops

Mamenchisaurus, yes. Ludia should definitely add this longneck in the game

More Amphibians and Triassics. Also Deinosuchus and Archaeopteryx.

yeah but more sauropods stegosaurs and ceratopsians and take away resileient strike from everything but ceratopsians rhinos

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Corethosaurus, yes but I would love to see drednoutus, toro/carnotaurus gen2, scorpius rex giganotosaurus for jw.dominion

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Centrosaurus, or Coronosaurus.

They should add allo gen 3

And more rhinos and mammoths

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They should add the dinosaur that is from that glitch which has game data metriacanthosaurus and its gen 2 finally

Styracosaurus and Deinosuchus.

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Yes. I hope those two will be released in the game