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What dinos to buff?

What dinosaurs do you guys think will be most useful to buff in the current meta?

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Tyrannolophosaur needs a buff

Dinosaurs like Pterovexus, scaphotator or quetzorion would be nice

no he has good damage and critical health he is a very good dino the speed is not bad and he has a high chance of crit

No, not really. It’s perfectly balanced having high damage, the ability to distract or break shields with every move, high crit chance, and having a higher base speed than most fierce creatures.

Only reasonable buffs I see is an attack buff to 1800 and a speed buff from 109 to 114-116.

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The whole fierce class :joy:


Stegosaurus (common)

Vexus and Orion for sure. I’d also like to see Smilo get its full armor (50% instead of the 40%) back as well as the deletion of the delay in R&R.


*thinking Trex