What dinosaurs make you cringe when they come out against you?


For me it’s always stegodeus usually before I see the level than if it’s 21 or above I cry! Also Indoraptor because that sucker is just creepy!


All the stegodeus i fight are level 25+


How many trophies do you have?


4200 trophies


Something I dont understand is that the people with these dino’s are all 100+ trophies lower than me. How bad can you be? And no it’s not only the stegodeus that’s overleveled.


I never said it was over leveled I just hate facing them because they are hard to get rid of!


Hopefully that’ll change when the tournament ends.


Indoraptor definitely


I just hate seeing Postimetrodon. I don’t have anything that is a good balance between speed, tankiness, and strength to get rid of that sucker before it does serious work against my team.


Not everyone grinds the arena ad naseum. I’ve played like 1 arena game every 2 days for the last week. It’s left me at 4170 and i have a lvl 25 Stegod. I’ll make a final push to see if i can reach top 500 by the last day, but i see no point right now.


Monomimus… no matter the level. Evasive AND Immunity :nauseated_face::face_vomiting::skull:


when I tied at 2-2 and then opponent sent any rng dino out


Suchotator or stegod… makes me wish i had better immune dinos. Yow.


Gorgosuchus against anything wounded that’s slower than it for the first turn it’s out at least


Overlevel trykosaurus, this thing kill me 2 dinos at least before die


What postimetrodon. That guy sucks. Yes immune and fast but it has such a low damage output. In level 15 if you use both its pumping abilities and then impact it doesnt even pass 2000 damage


Well, given the topic is asking about personal opinions given an INDIVIDUAL’S experiences, I don’t see why you’re ragging on mine.

If someone said they hated fighting Iguanodon, I wouldn’t say why they’re “wrong” or imply anything to that nature.

I even made sure to word my reply specifically to cater to word lawyering but it still somehow gets brushed off.


Just Indoraptor! Otherwise I can handle anything.


Still Trex for me. At just level 15, it’s an automatic 1006, 2012, or 3018 crit to deal with.


I hate seeing the opponent using the good dino’s I have but didnt get dealt.