What dinosaurs you’d mostly find in different arenas from fallen kingdom to gyrsroshere depot

1Fallen kingdom mostly common and rare sometimes trex.
2 mt.Sibo dilopho,and good commons level 8-12 same for rare and level 11-12 epics.
3 S.S. Arcadia blue,stegocera,mostly rare and epics good commons too (all mostly level 10-13
4 Nublar jungle indominus,and beginners legendaries epics level 12-15 good rares too boosts are coming
5 badlands megalotops,indominus,sucotator,compy,raptor level14-20 indominus level16-17
6 I haven’t got to I will update it when I get there same with others if you are higher than me reply what you mostly see in your arena

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Lockdown : Get ready for level 20 Health and Speed boosted Raptors, Level 18-21 Erlikogamma, Level 20 boosted Ankylodicurus and Level 17-20 boosted T Rexes.

Sorna Marshes : Boosted Argenteryx and Megalotops. Boosted Legendaries. Base Uniques.

Jurassic Ruins : Level 23+ Uniques, sometimes with speed boosts.

Lockwood Estate : level 26+ boosted Uniques. You may find base level Apexes here.

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Did you forgot the level 30 boosted thors in aviary?
Also, Lockwood is like level 22-23 boosted ledgendaries and uniques


Aviary: Thordor, thordor, thordor (lvl 27-30)
Library: Can be a mixed bag but tryko, hardos, phourex. High lvl apexs (27-29)
Gyro: Tryko, Ceramagnus, Monolorhino, and mortem and max lvl apexs

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No no no… In lockdown i did see a few 18 to 20 raptors and gammas but no ankylo. Sorna marshes i rarely saw uniques. I saw maybe 2 indraptors and one Itaurus. Jurassic ruins i saw mostly lvl 20-22 allosinos and yoshis. I did see more indos a few thordors and one ardentis but thats all. Lockwood estate the highest level dino i ever saw was a lvl 26 stegodues. I did not see any apexes or lvl 26 uniques till about 4700 trophies.

Whowhowhowho stop there I’m in aviary and just won my first battle with lvl 16-20 and I versed a skoona grypolyth and thor all lvl 21 or 22 minor boost

I have an alt in marshes and it constantly battles full unique teams…. I have level 15-18 dinos……

not there yet

I am very sorry about this. I know how you feel. Lately ive been versing dinos 2-4 levels higher then me.

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I know that when u go up to gyrosphere depot there’s Going to be phorurex ceramagnus tryko gemin Ardentismax Scorpios rex g3 mortem indotaurus spinocon testa grypo? skoona and erlikspy

Which part, low or high? Low aviary is a joke, while high is constant level 30s, even if your team is only level 22s

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Aviary is home to the following:

Most common ones are:
Speedy thor
Nitro thor
Raid thor
Tanky thor
Unboosted thor
Indo g2
Green rat
Mega yoshi
That old meta dino that got power crept
Flocks like dodo or argent
Giant suchotator
Poorly played mrhino
Scorpios g3
The maxima won from the 1st championship
Baby testa
Baby skoona
Baby spinocon

Then occasionally:
Mortem, hadros or cera from carry strats
Super boosted non hybrid commons, rares and epics
Nitro raptor
Max hp raptor
All raptor team
That random nitro tank like stegod
That all 30 meta team
All 30 team of power crept dinos
That unique from the latest championship
Non meta dino made from an exclusive like gemini

And ironically despite being a birdcage it’s very rare to see an overleveled alanqa or stygidaryx nowadays lol