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What do I do for the next 2 weeks?

I thought this was supposed to be fixed?

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I’m in a similar position. I don’t get what they are doing here.

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Unfortunately, the revised Quest System is horrendous. This is like the spellbooks. You pay for a monthly fee, but it is only useful for 10 days. :rage: Additionally, the lack of rewards is universally disliked and the $5 levy is simply a tax on active players.

Ludia was aware there was an issue and identified they would make adjustments before the current iteration began. Unfortunately the proposed changes would have made the Quest Pass worse, so it seems they were not implemented. As such, we are now stuck with another feature that players abhor.

I strongly suggest the developer should re-implement the quest packs in conjunction with the current quest scam system. This should satisfy all. Ludia can continue to collect income from the pass levy, player rewards will almost be adequate, and the game will offer activity beyond the dreaded Rallies and rigged PvP Events.

However, I suspect we soon pass beyond the point of no return. There does not seem to be enough active players for the developer to continue supporting this once-great app. Hopefully they quickly begin considering the players before making such inane and harmful changes.

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Where can you see the active player numbers?

@Padma, the post linked below provides a brief description of where I generally observe data on player activity.

[Calendar] August 03 - August 09, 2020

Additionally, players can easily perceive activity levels without these sources. The level of guild participation, forum activity, and frequency of bot battles are all indicative of player activity. Each of these are indicative of the devastating impact of the most recent exodus.

As there are a few players like myself that do not bother with the PvP nonsense, I have a few suggestions to offset the stagnation during these unnecessary quest pass hiatuses. Implementing some of these options over the next two weeks may help keep non-PvP players active while there are no daily quests.

  1. Provide some PvE events. I would suggest at least one 3-day event each week, I forget what Ludia calls these, but I am referring to the events where players work their way though each of the challenges. As an added bonus, provide a reward for players when they finish the event. Doing so will likely not detract from PvP participation.

  2. Release a few 3-day spellbooks without the recently imposed limits. At least PvP players could do some farming.

This is inane leaving players with no activity. It is difficult to support my continual VIP membership when I am no longer satisfactorily active. @Ludia_Developers. Pay at least a trifle of attention to your player base. This app is quickly becoming a joke.

They call it a heroic adventure. Same as the test of might events. Think they have started putting heroic adventure - battle or heroic adventure - challenge in calendar to differentiate.

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