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What do I go for next?

Currently I have multiple options for my team,what do I go for?

Go for:-

A. Utasinoraptor(I have 35/200,both Utahraptor and Sinoceratops are level 15)
B. Keratoporcus(I have 120/200,I have personally not yet put my Woolly Rhino in the sanctuary once, this is all from wild spawns as I am in local 4,should I put it in a sanctuary and speed up the thing is the question)
C. Level Allosinosaurus(If I do so,I can go for the next campaign match,the 2nd last one in Chapter 8)
D Level Indominus Rex and Indominus Rex Gen 2,I have enough DNA to level Indominus Rex to level 20,just not the coin. I have been using Indom G2 ,and it is pretty useful and counters Sarcorixis well,I can use it all the time if I level it more,it is at level 12 at the moment .

By the way,I wanted to set up a poll regarding which creature is more worth the Sinoceratops DNA,if anybody could help me regarding what do I have to do to set up a poll,I will be very grateful.

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  • Unlock Utasinoraptor
  • Unlock Keratoporcus
  • Level allosinosaurus
  • Level indominus rex
  • Level irex and irex g2 to lvl 20.

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Thank you,if possible please teach me how to do so,sorry for a silly doubt.

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To create a poll, click the little gear button near the top right and select build poll

My vote is probably for utasinoraptor cause that is what my alliance says,what does everybody else say?

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Thank you ,this will help put.

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What is your vote?

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You’re welcome

Hmm, it’s a tricky one. Both Indominus rexes are very powerful, but it may take a while to get them to level 20. My vote goes to keratoporcus since its higher up on the official jwa teir list than Utasino. Utasinoraptor is also a good hybrid to have, as it can dish out powerful attacks. Maybe get keratoporcus and put him on your team. Utasinoraptor is also a very good team member, so maybe try to get them both.

Irex and Irexg2 are both really good creatures. Don’t have Blue for IG2? Just use IndomG2. It’s a very solid dinosaur, did you know that some ApexPredator members use both of the gen 2 hybrids?

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Also c’mon Ludia I’m waiting for a dimodactylus gen 2 or a dimodactylus hybrid. Either will due for me. Pretty much everyone would love to see more Gen 2 hybrids.

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I can level Indom G1 to 20 when I have the coin,I have the DNA ready. Indom G2,will be easy due to easy components.

I can level Indom G1 to 20 when I have the coin,I have the DNA ready. Indom G2,will be easy due to easy components. I have blue for Indoraptor Gen 2,only problem is that sanctuaries are time consuming.

If you want you can use Both indoms and indos! I think that would be pretty good and if you do already, your a goat.

Goat? I did not catch that. Sorry on my part. My Velociraptor is still level 15,so not sure how long for Indoraptor.

goat stands for “greatest of all time”

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K. I will get keratoporcus,should I get Allosino to level 18,or get Utasino instead? The Sinoceratops DNA is the thing.

Look at the votes.

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I use Keratoporcus, and she (almost) never lets me down.

Thanks! Each reply helps