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What do our dinos do when we're not looking?

People are always posting pics of dinos in fights. But most of their time they live peacefully in their paddocks, sleeping, eating, synchronised dancing…

WHAAT? Synchronised dancing?

Yes today I caught my Labyrinthosaurus and my Supersaurus carrying out their moves in perfect time:

It made me smile :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

What do your dinos do in their spare time?


well, propably, that same things :rofl:


I once caught my Indoraptor Gen 1 and Gen 2 doing this. :eyes:


Should check. Hatzegopteryx trying to escape: me thinking: dude, if you can’t afford a Code 19 you aren’t gonna stay out your paddock.

Yes the Hatzegopteryx has a glitch, only seems to be for it

My dilophosaurus and guanlong are next to each other, they always sleeping

My dimetrodon’s always levitating unless he is sleeping

Stumbled upon him doing this one day


I was wrong, my new Quetzocoatlus does it too!
What are they planning?

How the hell you maxed Dimetrodon?

That certainly requires luck and skill. But how to make him float…? That is very strange.

Today my Mastodontosauruses thought it would be nice to go for a little walk round the park🙁

Luckily it’s an aquatic unlock event day so they can take a holiday


get out my swamp mastodon :joy:
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Maybe they communicate to escape. Never put two indominus rexes or two indoraptors close.


You’re right. Till they’re out, they form the most unbreakable duo.

And once they escape, their team’s purpose is fulfiled.

They fight to the death. :eyes:

And then revive after 24 hours to do it all again

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I unlocked him by getting lucky in wheelspins/packs

Ok ok

Just completed doing a code 19 for Guanlong goes to Tuojangisaurus paddock and exits it Guanlong tries to escape again.
Me ’ I’m not dealing with this Owen you do it’

Hmm, I think there is not enough spending on the enclosures for our Dinos. Every day we run around catching them and putting them back, and then they get back out of the same hole. It’s not Owen we need, it’s a good carpenter.


Lol true.
Ludia get good in-game carpenters!

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My Ammonite says ‘hello’.
It was my first aquatic legendary.