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What do the early arenas look like in 2.0? Advice for a new player

There’s a member in my Alliance who just started and it’s hard to help him because things were very different 2 years ago. I don’t know what it’s like in the early arena right now. Any newer players care to share your experience and advice?

Awful, the way COVID-19 benefits are have been screwing with the lower arenas, there are even legendaries in arena 2

That’s unfortunate. I remember those popping up around sorna marshes.

I have some smaller accounts. I have not seen any legendary until around 2000 trophies. I have though, seen some maximas since some users were able to get into an alliance that had a good tournament showing and got the maxima awards. I think this is poor planning as no player under level 10 should be playing with maxima.

But, for the most part, its not that bad. I have only seen 2 maxima. On my really small account, you see epics really quick but I remember it being that way for a while. On my semi small account, there are some droppers hitting in the 1500-2500 range pretty hard and that is a shame. But even those are like maybe 1 in 15 for me right now at the lower levels.

I told the player to focus on going for fierce and resilient creatures and that cunning creatures had fallen off. Is this advice applicable to the lower arenas?

Not as much as in higher arenas. IG2 is still able to wreck shop around 2000-2500 trophies. I think speed is still very important and swap-ins in the lower levels. Meolania or whatever is amazing down there.

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