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What do they mean with Defense Shattering Rampage Taunt?

It might sound obvious and ridiculous, I know, but is Ludia changing only Max and Ardonto Rampage or will they change Magna, Tenonto, Edaphocevia and Tryko?
The ability name is “Taunt Shattering Rampage”, not “Defense Shattering Rampage Taunt”. It may be a ridiculous, but when it comes to Ludia, you know, everything is possible…
And why can’t they write the correct name? Man…

It’s possible they are planning on changing the name and are using a future intended name.

Anyway Magna, Tenonto etc don’t have Taunt attacks so no, they aren’t changing them.

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They definitely mean Taunt Shattering Rampage, since it’s effectively the same as DSRT. Magna is getting Fierce Rampage, so it’s definitely not going to have any issues.

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