What do u think of the 2.14 update

right now it is a steaming mess with login issues raid issues the ina ability to see players details or remove them from an alliance and list goes on


Aren’t they all? You would think after 3 years of releases it would get better…


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I can’t accept invites to raids without getting the spinning purple ring. This causes the game to crash so I have to restart it. Even this doesn’t always allow me into a raid and it usually happens again.

I can’t see my alliance player stats, but more importantly I can’t promote or remove players from my alliance .

The map still doesn’t move with me when I am walking unless I run google maps

So what do I think of the update?


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As usual… They added new dinos, they added tons of new attack moves, but at the same time they added tons of bugs. My dream is still to have a few updates were they would only fix bugs (some of them as old as the game itself like the chat, dna request, etc), and also make it using less ressources, more fluid. But I guess money talk. Other than that, happy to see an old Apex come back into the light (Mortem).


A couple of days ago a new user was asking in this forum why JWA had such a flawed design. Why did we have to spend minutes waiting for a supply drop to spin? Why aren’t there any options to disable those animations? This was the first impression from a player who had been in the game for 3 days.

I could add many more. Why does every new creature add more seconds of lag between battle turns? Why do they need more animations instead of making more fluid, so we can enjoy better battles? Why do we need to spend 30 minutes in a raid battle just waiting and waiting between cinematics and move animations, counter animations, etc? :person_shrugging:


Balance 10/10 i think this is the best update for PvP players in a long long time.

But for PvE we got many bugs and errors again as usual.

For me personal, a great update. Nice new creaturs with cool animations and a 95% perfect balance patch. Lot of buffs and only a small % of nerfs and they were deserved as well.
I didnt run into any issuse right now, but i read that raids and stuff are buggy as hell.

The fact that so much is broken has meant I seriously can’t even be bothered to play at the moment… Especially the raid aspect… It happened before and took so long to fix so I’ve lost confidence in what they are trying to achieve…

I’m all for the rebalancing of Pho, mine was maxed and fully boosted and yet I’m happy he’s off the team now…

What I’m not overly happy about with it is that you’ve once again changed the functionality of a Dino with zero compensation… And this one affects the team set up rather as well as the performance of the individual…

So overall - nice ideas, terrible execution.



Well you got boost tokens for something like that?

Lol put them in our custom creatures pls

Lol I can think of a better place for them

Another meh update

Nice creatures and a few good buffs but the other buffs suck and the raid invite glitch is gonna haunt the game from here on out since we know ludia won’t do anything