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What do y’all do with your 13th Indoraptor?

My 13th Indoraptor hatches in about 5 days. Might speed it up. What do I do with it?

Sell it? I like the sound of 40,000 DNA
Evolve it into a lvl 11 and just sit on it?
Or do I just go nuclear on my line up and evolve one to lvl 40?

What is everyone’s thoughts? For those who have made that many, what did you do?

Although I am just playing since 3 month and having no Indoraptor I recommend you to make 1 level 11 or selling it for 40k DNA. But since you “just”
get 40k DNA I would make a level 11, because you can’t make a jurassic for 40k DNA which is comparable to a level 10 Indoraptor.

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Evolve to lvl 11, its statistics are only very slightly higher than lvl 10. Should be no problem for you.

Screenshot_20200530-190340_Jurassic World


As @Tommi says it is a negligible difference between level 11 and 10.


Wow I didn’t realize it had such similar stats. Thanks @Tommi and @Sionsith. I think that’s the route I’m going to go


If your paddock is already full (which I assume is the case since you say it’s your 13th), you need to evolve a pair of them FIRST. Otherwise you will have to either sell it or wait until you have cleared a space before you can take it out of the hatchery.


Thanks for the heads up @Mary_Jo. I decided to speed up the evolving process because it was taking a tediously long time. Gotta day I like the gold on the side of the Indoraptor

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Yeah you would probably have needed to speed it up regardless to complete it in time.

I’ll be in the same boat in the near future, having 5 Indoraptors hatched and 10 more available. But mine are only at level 1 and I won’t be moving them any higher soon, I want to get my DB stash up higher before spending a lot on hatching out what I still have room for! Would help if I wasn’t usually asleep Tuesday mornings…