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What do y’all think about the nope ropes

Name: Titanoboa
Rarity: Epic
Health: 4500
Attack: 1200
Speed: 112
Armor: 0%
Critical Chance: 20%
Moves: Pinning Strike, Precise Rampage, Decelerating Impact
Passive Abilities: Immune to Distraction, On Escape Rampage
Name: Titanoboa GEN 2
Rarity: Rare
Health: 4200
Attack: 1100
Speed: 110
Armor: 0%
Critical Chance: 20%
Moves: Shielded Decelerating Strike, Precise Rampage, Precise Impact
Passive Abilities: Immune to Distraction, On Escape Dust Cloud
Name: Dilophoboa
Rarity: Legendary
Health: 3510
Attack: 1100
Speed: 117
Armor: 0%
Critical Chance: 10%
Moves: Pinning Strike, Precise Rampage, Nullifying Impact, Sidestep
Passive Abilities: On Escape Evasive Strike, Immune, venomous counter
Name: Spinoconstrictor
Rarity: Unique
Health: 3600
Attack: 1200
Speed: 122
Armor: 0%
Critical Chance: 10%
Moves: Pinning Strike, Sidestep, Precise Rampage, Exploit Wound
Passive Abilities: On Escape Evasive Strike, Immune to distraction, wounding counter

Credit to Bart from game press for the stats

  • Their great
  • Their good
  • Their ok
  • Their meh
  • Their bad

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Like I think there not average but also not great either just mid of the road creatures and hybrids

they are a more specialized type of creature, at least the hybrids are. They will do amazing in certain situations, but do okish in the rest. not great against the immune metta, but they are more of a supporter type.

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Ya ( a complete thought I can’t express or I be kicked)

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Mostly for the hybrids the counter hurt them most

They’re great honestly

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From what we’ve seen so far, I really like them. Hopefully they look better in game than in the short video ad we saw.


@Thylo_75 I’m sorry, its “They’re” not “Their”. I got a serious eye twitch as soon as I saw the poll. Lol
I’m not saying this to be mean by the way. :heart:


Pft… It got hidden!? :rofl:

They’re good, seem situational. But may be better than what you think. Probably rekt in some scenarios.

I think they’re extremely cool though.

Lol welp guess your spelling need work :joy:

No, people are too sensitive. Lol


I work with snakes and having a Spinosaur as a hybrid? The Unique one might come into my team as a bleeder… will see

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Ok since my post got flagged.
Was really messing with my OCD

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Great concepts, good relevance.

Average health ,Average damage.
Rely a lot on their counter attack hich provide an effect,it will be great use in lower arenas for sure
Precise rampage allow them to deal few damage to dodgers
The most interesting may be the hybrids which will surely have a use.
A good kit against proceratomimus and indoG2 (even if they will lose against them)
The main problem against those end game speedster (and dodger at the same time) is the fact they won’t try to dodge ,just by doing only damage (normal hit + rampage)will end these snake easily.
If the opponent is immune (just for a quick step:we are in the immune meta),the wounding counter is a poor thing as venomous counter.
The on escape strike could be good.but if the opponent is smart,he will try to take the snake down and looking at the stats,its not that hard.

Maybe the on escape have another aspect i didn’t think.
If you swap for the snake at the moment your opponent try to swap out,it will have an interesting ability.

For spinoconstrictor

-Overall,i have to play it first to make me an opinion but i don’t really get why they get pinning strike…(probably the most useless move in the game)
-Sidestep is ok and can trick some opponent allow you to become faster(even if more and more creatures have now precise or define)
-Exploit wound ?i mean…ok?sure that thing is completly useless against immunes opponent…maybe it will have a use against the others
-Precise rampage: probably his best tool,allowing him to bypass the dodgers

Immune to distraction is “ok”:since there is not a lot of creature which use distraction in the current meta :“except instant distraction of tryko/procera/gemini” and the cautious strike…
Wounding counter will be good against tryko ,probably spyx ,rinex ,grypo,tarkus and of course the tanks.
But talking about the top of the game,nothing cool against maxima,gemini and procera.

His stats and ability are not bad,he is just irrelevant in the meta
For me,its just ok looking on paper.
I have to wait and see in game

I feel like Dilophoboa is better than Spinoconstrictor.

Why so?:thinking:
I feel it’s the other way round.

I can’t really vote till I know if they are composed of unobtainium.
Gemini is awesome but since I can’t realistically obtain it it’s just a collectable that I never really consider for my team.
I’m going to wait and see how the DNA distribution is implemented.

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Don’t worry it’ll be easily obtainable… through incubators!