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What do you all think of nemys new kit

Just asking

Ps this is the old stats

I’m happy with It i guess.

I’m on the fence mostly due to immune to slow

I like it, but I wish it had Long Shielded Decelerating Strike as it’s basic instead of regular shielded decelerating strike :joy:

Love the change from impact and run to rampage and run though. Immune to decel should also be pretty useful, although it doesn’t have a huge impact on it. Wish it could also get some sort of damage buff

Wow already altered and I have yet to create it.


Lol I think slowing and being immune to slow it’s good enough plus two rampages :joy::sweat_smile:

Yup same here

Now all it needs is 30% crit chance and it’ll be perfectly balanced! :rofl:


:joy: ten bloody characters

I like that It got rampage and run as It does pathetic damage anyway. But yeah I’m a bit on the fence about the basic move( i liked 2 turns of shield) and immune to slow seems out of nowhere. But i don’t think it’s broken. Nah. Not with that damage. The 2 turn shield played a big role on survivability, not sure about that one. Immune to slow seems only relevant to run away or/and get an extra hit on gemini and maxima. It was both a nerf and a buff, but overall seems like a buff.

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True but still it slows for two turns and is immune to slow so I guess prowl has no use now I guess but ya that immune to slow out of fried left field she came. So dioraj, and tenato can counter it now, along with carno

Well DB is good to cleanse bleed and manage ID and II.

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True (10 ya happy gosh)

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So ya lost two counter and three I think with thylo but it can run sooo

Actually looking at it holy molly it loses a lot of counters

Too many times my kitty has distraction or speed reduced, hoping this helps a little, we will see.

Well its good for him,but clearly ,i won’t rush him :slight_smile:
gemini and maxima earn way more than him this update

I’m happy with the new kit, but if I could finally get something better than a 10 DNA fuse, I could even make use out of it.

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I’m happy Nemys got q buff but immune to deceleration is too much, Rampage and run is enough for me


I think it’s a wierd change. She does do better being faster than her opponent, but she didnt really have a problem with being decelled. I guess this helps against indoraptors and some tanks, but imo it was really an unneeded change.

Like that she gets rampage and run tho.