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What do you all think of Smilonemys?

Would save this for an Opinions of: article, but this thing just looks overpowered. It is going to definitely be one of the best creatures in the game, and its one that hard counters the rat even better than smiloceph back when i was promoting that thing

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It’s like Ludia said: You guys want a Draco counter? Then have a creature tailor made to destroy it!


Oh yeah, even better than Smiloceph. Once we get it, so many people are going to be running that thing. Its tyrant, no questions asked


Very Exciting


I’m super excited to try it out. Just how accessible is the turtle going to be tho? That in itself might put a damper on getting it. Pachy is already hard to come by for lower level/ lower arena players. I still can’t put it in the sanctuary due to the lv 20 wall. Yes we will have a beast of a counter for rat, but it’s going to be hard to get for a lot of players.

Not very. Carbonemys is event exclusive, so itll be gemini all over again

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I consider introducing counter creatures far better than just buffing/nerfing what we already have, so I like the idea. Odds are people will jam 900 boosts into the thing and make it a living nightmare for everyone in the arena.

I also know it’ll take me ten years to make mine, since my Smiloceph has been on hold without any cat DNA. Too bad we couldn’t put cenos in sanctuaries before 1.9…

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it won’t be worst than proceratomimus…
Ail hail our new tyrant lord

Watch how you talk about my Yoshi, Yoshi is my best friend :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

This is one thing that bugs me§ about this game: when I had to play it on a crappy old Android, that wave of new critters broke the graphics and often made the game crash. Just the mere existence of Smiledon on the map, even if I couldn’t see it because it was behind me, would make the game freeze for a full minute. When the game “thawed” it was still very choppy until I tried to dart it (and the best I could do was like 3, because there was such a lag between what was showing on the screen and what was actually happening in the game. I saw TONS of Smiledon back then.

Then I got a new phone, which could easily handle the graphics. Smiledon made his usual appearance that next Monday, and didn’t break the game! Hallelujah!

Except I never saw another one after that. Seriously. Almost like someone noticed that my phone could handle the graphics so they had to remove it from my field of vision.

That is a perfect metaphor for Lewdia, no?

§ That is such a watered down, weak version of my actual feelings, but even bleeping myself has gotten my comment edited. Because THE EXISTENCE of bleeped language will traumatize THE CHILDREN, or some such nonsense. But if you’re a grownup, or at least reading at a grownup level, I bet if you put on your Thinking Cap, you can imagine something along the lines of what I’m actually thinking… Violence (shooting darts at animals, so we can clone them and make them fight to the death in an arena) is just fine to show those same chillens! but the use of certain four letter words will scar them for life! okay, even if they are too young to read yet, we can’t be too careful. Now go chase those dinos with your drone, so you can shoot darts at them and they can rip each other to shreds! (but don’t forget the sanctuaries; remember to feed a live goat to an Allosaurus. That’s some good clean fun!)

Funny thing, all the cenos used to do that to people. They’d make entire battles lag and/or crash when they appeared. I think it mostly had to do with the fur myself…

Why does Ludia create those so OP creatures? It’s a total madness! Its speed is 129. I know it’s only a game but it’s a since fiction to think that any creature with 50% armour could be that fast! Where is a good counter for it? It’s immune to stuns and damage over time. It’s really crazy what dinos they add to the game in all recent updates.

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That’s what i think about smilonemys. On the other hand it’s going to take a seriously long time before we start seeing it in the arena since it’s impossible to get the stupid turtle with scents due to that park bug which makes l2 dino’s spawn in parks instead of the park spawns😑

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I think he is park locked spawn, right?

Jup. But when using scents in the park, It will spawn l2 region dino’s and not local park spawns. Tried it yesterday but that was like erliko heaven. Both erliko’s everywhere😅

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Wait until you verse level 30 tier 8 in campaign at 72. Enjoy.


What are the stats?

Beat that one, but that whole battle was really hard to do.

I’m definitely going to run this once I get it. It sucks that Carbonemys is park and aquarium spawn right now.