What do you consider to be the best dinosaurs in the arena after the 2.14 update?

As the topic text indicates, I wanted to ask you what do you consider to be the dinosaurs that dominate the arena after the last update and the nerf to phoururex?

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I think Andrewtops might be a viable option now. Since it can´t be distracted and its resistance to speed has been increased


Albertospinos, scorp gen 3, IndoT, skoona, arctovasilas, andrewtops, Troodoboa, Ankylos Lux, refrenantem, ardontognathus, hydra boa, spinocon, gorgotrebax, Mortem, antarctovenator, Imperatosuchus and ParaT
Honorable mentions are grypolyth, Testa, mammolania, coelhaast, Monolorhino enteloceros, phorurex


15 weeks and you will see the first few players cry, because of Imperatorsuchus.


Looooooooonnnnng list, and yet I think you missed Mortem… He’s back baby!!!


Oh yeah sorry
I fixed it

Right now! Me!
I’m like a crazy angry wild bird after the new updates :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

no ardontognathus?

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Look it’s there

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Parasauthops, totally broken, can deal with every dino, and can switch easily when it’s too hard. Since phoru nerf it’s again more difficult to kill para

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Same. The fact that mortem ganned more hp and a priority roar which increases attack may have been enough to revive it from the dead. This means that it can counter arctovasilas and ankylos lux much better and it will make it harder for SR3 to deal with

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Actually parasauthops already countered pho
It could one shot a phorurex with no more than 5600 HP and the higher health phorurexes subs usually do very well in the arena
Use a tank
Skoona Testa Ankylos Lux Mammolania and Arctovasilas can all take out Parasauthops
Warning, do not put in Cunning Fierce creatures against a parasauthops

A couple of mentions:

  • Morty: I am glad beyond belief to see this guy get a buff, and my Lord did he get a big buff. +300 HP is most certainly not a joke, and brings Mortem to a tier of HP that he really should have had since the beginning. That, combined with the new priroarity makes Mortem a very strong opponent in arenas (provided he’s not going up against distractions or dodge, and even then, Roar can make short work of those right quick)
  • Parasauthops: Not directly buffed, at least not to my knowledge, but getting King Bird mostly out of the arenas (even if it can simply adjust play styles) definitely helped it out considerably. Now it’s good matchups are better and more prevalent, which is always a good thing.
  • Imperatosuchus: I feel like I’m back on my 2.1 Hadros Lux cork board, but this thing is just absurd. I know it won’t actually be in arenas for a long while, but it’s still ridiculous. Bleed, 75% decel, Adrenaline Surge + Immobilize, Vulnerability, a decent attack stat with a shattering counter and a ferocious strike on escape all make this thing just nuts. Plus, it also has some really good stats to back it up, and that just terrifies me.
  • Brother Bear: Truth be told, I’m actually not too familiar with Arctovasilas, but given the fact that no one else has brought it up in a negative way, I imagine it’s still top dog.
  • Refrenantem: Definitely a top cunning now, ever since the enormous buff it’s got. That’s it. That’s the entry.
  • Skoonasaurus: Barely changes, though the new presence of Moray does probably scare it at least a little. That priroarity is lookin’ pretty frightening, if I do say so myself.
  • Albertospinos: Albert Sr. finally gets an opportunity with the addition of merciless Alert, since it now has actual turn 1 options. Thank everything.
  • Hydraboa: Got a not-insubstantial buff and definitely still reigns as the top anti-swap creature. O-E Constricting Rampage is just so good at its job.
  • Trebax: Still solid, but I honestly think it might start losing ground to Ref.
  • Indo T.: Still solid. That’s all.
  • Ardontognathus: I just… this thing is absolutely ridiculous and I honestly hate it with a burning passion. Just… no. Please.

How about scorp Ankylos Lux and spinocon

I just forgot to mention those, but they’re definitely up there.

my question is… what is going to be more op.
imperatosuchus, ardontognathus… or what?

Bold of you to assume there’s an answer to that question.

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ardontognathus kill arctovasilas but loses to anky lux and skoona


and can beat imperatosuchus with mind games

if toolbox is updated i’m gonna try some 1v1 simulations.

just curious.

by that beta videos it seems to me they are broken thanks to their new moves. the 2 times attack with heal at 2/3 health, and the priority heal with stun.