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What do you do now?

I used to hunt a lot in the evening when I went out to get my daily coins. I would also sometimes leave for work an hour or more early to look for things in different zones.

Now I don’t bother before work, and in the evenings only dart what I find until I’ve gotten my daily coin limit, which I usually try and do right around the grocery store at the end of my road so I can go straight home.

I used to lay in bed for an hour or more battling every night before I went to sleep. Now I play Gardenscapes instead. I also used to casually battle all day at work, but now I just put my phone in my pocket.

What do you do instead of play JWA as much as you used to?


I still play as much as I used to. Nothing has changed for me.

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Strictly a collector again.


I still play JWA a lot. I have it open most of the day, at home or work.
But when I don’t, I play:


Hunting is okay, but other than Dime I don’t really need much at the moment.
I go to an abandoned failed subdivision project that stopped abruptly during the 2008 recession with only roads and non-functional street lights, but can finish green and orange drops in an hour. No real changes there, but battling I went from incubate and open incubators full time to planning the best time to battle to ensure AI and get daily incubator and leave the 4 incubators I get incubated, but unopened for the next days daily mission.


When the trophy count is more important than the challenge of a real opponent.

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Battling AI doesn’t change trophies - but it does give coins and incubators.

The only challenge when fighting real opponents these days is finding one that doesn’t have a Thor boosted to the high heavens.


All I’ve been reading today are threads whining about how higher level players can’t get matches.
Here’s the issue… everyone wants to play AI because it’s easy coins and DBI with no risk.
So, if everyone else has the same mindset you’ve all answered your own question of why you can’t get human matches.

Answer: Too many of you also avoid human match-ups in favor of EZ Mode AI.


News flash - we’re not higher level players.

Then why are you avoiding human matches?

Calm down mt sibo :joy: u are in the ultimate “ez mode” as u like to call it

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I’m in Lockdown… my wife graduated today from Mt. Sibo to Arcadia.

Lol :joy: that makes you a pro.

Because when all you want to do is fill incubator slots or get your daily battle incubator, there’s no need to get your a** handed to you over and over by someone with a tryko/thor/erlidom boosted like crazy, simply hoping to squeak out one match.

Easier to just hit the AI button and then vacate the arena ASAP.


This dude has never seen a tryko thor or erlidom. Ur talking to a brick wall


I never said I was a pro.
I’ve only played a month.

But, apparently you guys aren’t pros either, since you say you aren’t higher levels.
Care to tell me where the “higher levels” start, if you guys aren’t there yet?

Find where I said that ?

I’m ranked 6th in the game. I know I’m a high level. Ull never hear me say im not

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I would consider top 300 or so higher level. Actually, in 1.6 I would have considered myself a higher level player, always top 200 and did well in the tourneys.

1.7? The introduction of boosts has shown that I invested in the “wrong” dinos, and now have leveled out around 4700, and out of the top 500.

If you’re in the leaderbaord ur considered a high level imo. That’s the top percentile of the playerbase