What do you guess the next unique will be?

Make a guess as to the unique added in version 2.3…

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Eremoceros gets a hybrid with Glyptodon

(I actually have no idea)


Oooooh…that sounds kinda fun


entelochops gets a hybrid with velociraptor


That would look pretty insane lol


In all honesty tho entelochops should become part of some sort of unique. The ability kit could be really nice

Personally I think keratoporcus will get a unique hybrid


This would be very nice to have.


Lol I’ve actually wanted to see a diplovenator hybrid because I’d like more uniques with counter attacks


diplovenator is a regular hybrid?
too many creatures now. hard to keep them all straight.

as for your creature… either needs to loose counter/ swap in or no escape. Imo, 3 is too many passive abilities.

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I agree. I think the swap in move in unnecessary for it

i would say no escape is uncescary, the swap in is cuz of diplocaus g2, it would be nice for all 3 tho cuz it techincally could be the first to actually have the right to

2 instances of the opponent not doing any damage and receiving a counter is really good. I actually kind of like it.

I just think no escape works well on counter attackers. But I guess the swap in could be nice against non resilient creatures, to get that counter off as you swap in

it could work either way but it needs the counter

Not like we need another resilient unique though…

here’s my take on it, it might be a bit too OP

You literally took away the one move that makes Entelochops unique :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
No revenge abilities at all?

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What about revenge precise pounce as a new move added to that unique?

So no cooldown