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What do you guys think of Brontolamus?

So i took a look at it’s kit and it definitely looks really good, ut i havent confirmed it yet in a friendly battle. What do you guys think of it?

I haven’t used mine in a friendly battle either, but the moveset does look good!

I always love a creature that can alternate between Rampages.

Just play it in the Campaign battles and see for yourself. I’ve played it numerous times! It can hold up its own against many kinds of dinos.

Great moves, poor attack. If you’re willing to invest it could be quite strong

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It obliterates Indoraptor. Played it in friendlies with it and it just kicked indor in the chops over and over until it died


Now that I would like to see, Indo getting his face kicked in by a big Rhino sounds like fun.

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