What do you guys think of the new hybrids out of first impressions?

Their fates will be decided after we experiment with them when the update is released. My views are this (boosts are not taken into consideration):

Smilocephalosaurus: looks pretty good, as it has two rampages (one of which it can swap), has swap in stun (works well with the swapping meta we have currently) and its attack is rumored by ludia to rival erlidom. Speed and HP will decide if Ill use it or not

Diploventator: Mixed reviews for me, since its usefulness depends on its speed (they said it was low, but it depends what their definition of slow is). If its higher than 109 speed, then it could be boosted and have a niche as a possible thor counter with all those distraction moves. if lower, it might have issues.

Dsungaia: This thing might be scary, honestly. a slowing shielding move with healing, ferocity strike (why), and thagomizer with 15% armor and 124 speed, as well as a slowing counter. May have an issue with stuff with armor or sields if it isnt under ferocity strike buff. Depending what its hp and attack are when its out, this could be a problem.

Pteraquetzal: Definitely the worst hybrid on the update. Looks underwhelming for a legendary. Best use will be for Quetzorion

Quetzorion: I like this one. The swap in dodge is nice if its at a decent hp level despite dodges getting gutted in this update. Has nullifying rampage, as well as an armor piercing move and long invincibility (which is very helpful against anything without a rend or defense shattering move). The selling point for me is it having 130 speed (confirmed by the devs), so itll outpace a huge majority of top tiers, and probably hard counter erlidominus (who i think will still be viable because while it does get hurt from cloak nerf, its faster than a ton of stuff, so if it’s at a decent hp, it could probably still get away with it) . A seemingly bad matchup against thor and tryko sucks though.

Carnotarkus: Unsure of how i feel with this one. It having armor, as well as the 33% rend counter sounds amazing, it does lack cleanse, so bleeders and thor/tryko/dio might give it grief. Superiority strike is nice though to help it get the speed advantage though.

Ardentismaxima: easily looks to be the tyrant superhybrid of 1.8 if it gets reasonable attack and speed. Instant Invinsibility, Decelerating strike and impact, and Definite Rampage, as well as having a decent crit chance and havin immunity, preventing bleeds and distraction and stuns. Again, stats will determine where this thing goes, but if it gets favorable stats, this thing might be high apex, if not tyrant.