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What do you know about the amber club?

The title says it all. Is anybody in it?

They are the big spenders in the game and Ludia considers them the VIP of the VIP. They get special support with a personal support person direct contact, beta, and exclusive info and gifts. If you aren’t spending a lot of money you are not going to join this group. It is the amber club members who’s opinions matter and are considered. If it comes from them it’s not just a dumb idea. It’s like when you tell the bosses something at work that’s a great idea but they don’t listen because you’re just a dumb hourly employee. But if you were salary and in the club it’s a great idea. Kind of like amber club vs free to play players lol


So this club is new or has a time going on?

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I hate that I’m just finding out about this. When there is a red and blue pill to be swallowed you should make that option public early on!

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And who is Amber anyway?

First Rule of Amber Club is We Do Not Talk About Amber Club.


But you just spoke of it. So it’s like Volde–

Then we can confirm that is a lie because otherwise they wouldn’t have shared that which they couldn’t share as there would be no reason to share if it would literally penalize them. If they broke the code by telling you we need to start banishing them from our ranks and we know who to interrogate now.

I… uh… mean “they” …

You know its a Fight Club reference right?

To be honest, this sounds like some VIP programme for mega whales. Essentially those whose money can do the talking.

Yeah, but we aren’t suppose to talk about [REDACTED]. You’ve killed us all.

Meet amber.

But I feel they stole the idea from the Mattel toys. Amber collection.

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