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What do you nickname your dinos?

Oh and I forgot to mention my old boost project -

Nodopatotitan = Noodle the Nail (Death From Above)


Maxima - “Empress”
Thor - “Next” please
Procera - Make you “sweat”
Draco - Boost “equalizer”
Erlido - “Unleash me”
Dioraja - Surly “scarface”
Indorator G1 - “Conqueror”
Tryko - Ballz?

It’s difficult to translate the meanings or allusions into another language.

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Added a new one, his name is Goat. He’s adorable.


Carboceratops: Sherman
Thor: Cap’n Crunch
Erlidominus: Edward Scissorhands
Dracoceratops: Hail Mary
Erlikospyx: Murder Duck


Grypolyth: speedtie is yours

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@TeaRekz grypolyth needs nerf!

Not necessarily my nickname but my wife who saw me playing spotted the trykosaurus and called it Tad Cooper (the dragon from Galavant) because she thought it looked dragonish so now I call it that

Diplotator = Diplopotato
Erlikosaurus / Gen 2 - Erlik Scissorhands


Scissor hands?! Lol


“Knife hands” doesn’t have the same ring to it.


It does sound more metal though

No More Mr. Knife Guy…?

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I totally agree with that one…lol

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Please, no ! :slight_smile:

I already did it

Draco = Rat
Proce = Other Rat

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Here are my names…

Main Squad
Thor: Loki
Indoraptor: Shadow
Erlidominus: Ben
Erlikospyx: Jerry
Tryko: Fido
Ardentismaxima: Erm… I just got this one today. Ask me later
Dracoceratops: Cannon (and I put a crosshairs between his top two frill scutes)
Suchotator: Vanguard (First in battle since he was level 8! He’s got an eyepatch)

Former Squadmates
Diplotator: Doggo
Stygidaryx: Thrawn
Spinotasuchus: Overqueen
Alankylosaurus: Evac
Allosinosaurus: Bethany (don’t ask why, that’s just what came to me)
Indominus Rex: Dice
Tyrannolophosaur: Edward ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Utasinoraptor: Feathers

Other Nicknames: All Deinocheirus, Erlikosaurus and their hybrids are DEMONSHREDDER!!! :smiley:
Carnotarkus is the fat cow or Shaak (bloated cattle from Star Wars II)
Procerathomimus is the demon chicken and I do not like it

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Wow! This is a amazing amount of names! Thank you for sharing. I know not everyone is comfortable with explaing personal things, even though it is just a game.

let’s hope we can use call our dinos with nicknames in a future update


Yes please!!