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What do you prefer?

So what quality do like the most? Health, attack, counters, regen? Stun?

Personally I like high health and regeneration…
But high attack and speed is kinda nice to…
I like to be able to stay alive for a lounger time with regen, but Im also a fan of Indoraptors moveset.
The dream would be: regeneration, long defence, defence shattering rampage and nullefying strike…
What qualities do you prefer?

I prefer high health and high damage. I like the damage dealing carnivores more than anything else. If they are fast then even better. As for abilities, anything that helps get through armour and shields is important.

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High speed and damage. Raptors!

I like the balanced specialists.

Like high hopes high damage slow Dino’s.

High armor high health lowish damage.

Mostly I like the slow paced mess with your opponent mind Dino’s… The ones with weaken and Shields and slow etc.

Don’t like bleed

My dream dino

Short 100 percent shield 2 turn with 2 turn cool down
Regen strike x1 damage 1 turn cool down
Weaken strike base attack
Ferocious strike cool down 3 turns

Counter defense shatter x1 damage

Health lvl 26 3.5k attack 1200
Speed 19 armor 40

If I could combine any moves… it’d be OP but…

’Stunning shattering regen wound speed up’

Targets damage - .33% for three turns
Stuns- 75% chance
Regen- 50%
User’s speed- +10%
Bypass armour and defences dealing 2x Damage
COOLDOWN- pft… 20 to stop the community being stupid about it.

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now thats a lot of damage

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I love me my counter-attackers :ok_hand:t2:

Everyone loves the defense shattering skills. They’re so clean and pure, breaking shields and ignoring armor. We honestly need a shattering counter in the current meta, though.

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Hit and run.

I like the dinosaurs with the sails, like Dimetrodon, Postimetrodon, Magnapyritator, Trysonix.

Blondes … oops sorry, didn’t read the whole question …

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Don 't worry, we can ask the devs of they would put a blond wig on magna for you :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I’ve woken up alongside worse … someone here must be able to photoshop a blonde wig on Magna …

Worse? :scream: What did you have for a drink. That wasn’t a normal wine. :woozy_face:

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Rex-esque dinos.

Someone must have a meme if that Alan Grant moment from JP3 …

I love my bleeders. >:-)

I like things with a bit of a tool kit, rather than one trick ponies (chompers, bleeders…)

Gorgosuchus - cleanse, ferocity, shield breaking
Tenontorex - superiority, distract, shield breaking
Monostego - stun, slowing, nullify

Diplotator XD
I’m playing up in Jurassic Ruins with a level 23 Diplotator and in crushes everything

Immunity and versatility.

I am a big fan of Magna and Monolometrodon. They have something for everyone in their kit. Consistent damage is huge, nothing can cut down on their output.

It would be great if they had a priority charge move, to finish off that last bit of an opponent.