What do you recommend for my team?

advice to give?

I would replace Indom with Phorurex

Replace indom with phorex and use albertospinos instead of rat, rat isnt quite as good as it was before

And upgrade indora, or replace it with Giganyx that youre going to get from the pass + championship

Replace trykosaurus with albertospinos and replace indominus with phorurex

I will try to replace drac with phoru but Indom is boosted a lot so I am waiting for a boost reset

Pretty good team. This was like my team at lvl 20

The creatures you should bench are CompyC, Indom, Draco, tryko
Put in spinos, pho, and gigachad

Say bye to Indom and darco, use phoru and albertospinos… Try working on ScorpG3 to replace compyc