What do you think 1.9 might add?

compsognathus? :heart_eyes:
giganotosaurus? :heart_eyes_cat:

i believe the code reached maximum bugs supported already. :scream: one more and app won’t launch. :laughing:

  • 1.8 mentioned gyrosphere, as new sanct option?
  • 100 more not detailed bug fixes that we can’t notice?
  • alliance competitions?
  • new “improved” matchmaker?
  • more store things to purchase and feed your hope of progress?


There’s always room for more bugs :ok_hand:


Nasutoceratops and Allosaurus GEN 2


hehe these are easy, leaked.

well… nasuto is going to be one of favorites for A.R. pictures.

the new diablo. :japanese_goblin:

Fixed matchmaking c_c I sure hope.

Nicknames (hopefully, I don’t care what people respond to this)


I believe the gyrosphere is the “ball” that dinos like Miragaia like to tail whip when you play with them.

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really? :scream:
i suspected this, but i asked in another topic and someone answered gyro would be released in the future.

if it’s that… must be model improved. :man_facepalming:

•lythronax buff

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i’d like to see some dinos as skeleton edition.

bone t-rex, skeleton t-rex, or fossil t-rex.
scary zombies, like how to train your dragon Boneknapper:


or… if your dino is one shot killed by boosted monster, it comes back as a bone scary dino, for a revenge.

I’d like:

Strike towers to turn into regular supply drops after completion. Just like treasure boxes do after collecting.

Strike towers and sanctuaries you have to tap and hold a second before entering opposed to a tap like supply drops.

Mostly alliance leader tools.

Second most my suggestion for an area boosted and an unboosted arena. The ability for boosted players to disable boost to play either arena.

More non hybrid dinosaurs.

I’m sure an aviary is in the works to act as a bird sanctuary.

Sanctuary view screen add a scroll dinos before entering opposed to seeing only a few dinos and entering then exiting to the map and that whole long process.

Exiting sanctuary goes to shared sanctuaries instead of the map.

Regular supply drops instead of 4th of July drops.

Nah, i think if you play with Pachyceph, an actual gyrosphere strolls by and it takes a look at it

rework for friendly challenging system too…

touching “challenge” buttons to online players and bothering them while they dart or scent is pathetic.

love friendlies, but we could send requests that only shows some discrete light or notification icon to friend, waiting to answer. and some “busy” option that really works.

An even more rapidly declining player base if crit and armor boosts are introduced. More pandering to Dracocera and Thor since we are unfortunately stuck in this meta. Probably more bugs. Reluctance to fix arena balance and further forcing boosts to the more affluent players in order to flip the balance of the arena even more. Yep time for me to treat this game as a hunting game instead of a battling game.

i can’t believe crit boost comming. would be opposite of this:

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I didnt say they were guaranteed, i was commenting that since due to everything happening, i have a feeling they might be

More bugs…

I sincerely beg of you Ludia, don’t do this.


Bugs… lots bugs! download

Just as broken as this non gif I downloaded! Pow wow!

yep. and it was leaked too i think (datamine?)

but i prefer to believe we are wrong, or they are doing opposite, bringing back random aspects they were trying to reduce with 1.8.