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What do you think about Diorajasaur with 2.9?

Hiho all.

I’m a bit worried about my Diorajasaur lvl 30 6426 health and 1750 dmg with the update. I have it base speed, also each fight I had with him since the release notes was good because he can reduce speed… So without that I’m thinking he will be useless :confused: I have also tryko lvl 30 with 6891 health and 2236 dmg but I know he still good in the game in some situation. I got also tenontorex lvl 30 but with 135 speed, and this speed helps me a lot in many situation.

But Diorajasaur… Well…

mine lvl 30 7100 and 2k plus dmage so yeha same boat it all depends on if they still let it remove distraction if the do then…maybe otherwise it will go in the bin with tryk

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Normally only reduce speed is deleted.

Its still a good cunning buster if 1v1 , just watch out swap in grypo or mortem i think


It’s dead now and has been for a good while.:slight_smile:

Once you get one hit out it’ll do a ton of counter damage. It could still be quite useful, hoping it could stay in my team for a while. Got a similar one like yours.

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tell that to the nitro mortie i beat with or or the grypo or the hadro…use it right and its just fine :stuck_out_tongue:

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Dio’s not going to be really effected negatively, as if you’re trying to get it to have the speed advantage over anything, you’re not using Diorajasaur right or effectively imo.

It’s got one of the best counter-attacks in the game, and with the added bonus of now being able to inflict vulnerability, it’s going to do a lot more damage, and that’s not including its decent CRIT rate.

Though at any rate, I don’t see it really changing tiers all that much.

I don’t have dio and probably won’t invest in it till it becomes good again or just adding it to my collection.:stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:

Will see how pvp going’s after update, it’s true that the vulnerability + the counter-attack could be good.