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What do you think about Entelomoth?

In the next patch we’ll have some changes about the metagame, the new on escape abilities, new creatures and new kit for somes Dinos

Entelomoth (Pumba) is the strongest among the new creatures

Stats at lvl26 :
HP : 4500
DMG : 1500
Speed : 120
Armor : 20%
Crit chance : 5%

Moves :
Persistent Ferocious strike
Mutual Fury
Defense Shaterring Rampage

Passives :
On escape health (regen 50% when the opponent leaves)
Immune to stun and DoT

What do you think about this guy ? Is it strong ? Is it weak ?

Personally I think Pumba is more viable than Mammotherium

He is very similar of mammotherium…
-300 less hp
+5 speed
replace dig in by mutual fury
replace immune to bleed by immune to stun
and add an ability escape health.

I think it highly depend…
Its a mammotheriumgen2 if you want my advice but both dont shine in the same fights even if their strenght look similars.
I think bleed will be his weak point and the replacement of dig in by mutual fury is clearly not a good trade.
On the other hand…i can only imagine the trick you can do with on escape health…
You know you opponent will use a swap in competence?
Swap in manually and bring your injured entelomoth…earn your +50% hp back (even if you take a hit)

Sounds powerful, but that name though… Entelomoth… Does it have ears like moth wings or something?


Pumba has immune to bleed + stun

It’s basically a second Mammotherium. Would’ve prefered an Entelodon + Mammotherium hybrid.


Another Mammoth tyrant, even stronger than therium

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If we have Pig + Mammotherium we should have the same thing but with Definite Rampage instead of DSR, I don’t want more OP dinos than Maxima lol

Idk if it’s gonna be a pig or a mammoth. I don’t mind either

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Ummm but it’s immune to bleed and stun

I hope he has pig animation so I can call him Pumba lol

I’m honestly a bit not mad well ya more like the other word that I can use her but it because it’s another op mammoth hybrid once again not a super hybrid but a regular one and it has more attack than most chompers really? And it’s immune tot stun and bleed. I all ready hate mammoth but this just puts even more icing on the cake

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Yeah realese an another legendary hybrid for Mammoth it’s not the greatest idea, I spend all my Mammoth’s DNA to Mammotherium for his unique hybrid and now I had to farm again Mammoth to have this legendary specially now Mammoth doesn’t spawn now

Like the thing is that first attack is high than any other in the game.

I know! I’m all out of Mammoth too.

Has potential.

Actually, the Mammoth could be the next creature of the month, if it isn’t Titanoboa or something. In that case, I guess it’s fine, although it’ll still be competing with Mammotherium for DNA.
I like Mammotherium’s ability to go through evasion, but this one can deal with the Sino hybrids better. Hmmm…

Anyway, guess which one will get a Unique first? Place your bets now folks! Which one to invest in…

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With good use of Mutual Fury, apart from dodges, this thing could be nigh unstoppable. 6000 damage in one hit under the right conditions, no crit necessary.
And the right conditions aren’t that far-fetched.
All it needs to do is revenge-kill with MF+PFS, then Rampage.


Again no one is seeing a problem with this :rofl::joy:

I prefer it over therium. Hopefully it’s not as ugly. Though you can’t go wrong with either one on your team


Entelo should get a hybrid with mammotherium, I mean they are nearly identical and mammo dna is nearly unobtainable. Wasted chance for nice unique