What do you think about flocks? they totally ruined the game

in each update they put more and more flocks, something that already has a certain contempt for these creatures but I would like to know your opinion about them even IDGT902 has said it, the flocks are the worst thing that could happen to the game, they are cancer haha, only in the legendary tournament last month, 80% of the dinos in the teams were flocks


Annoying to fight but very easy to kill with the right things

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must have abilities : Group moves


Some flocks might be annoying and sometimes they might be problematic in Tournaments. But clearly they have not ruined the game.

Or how many flocks are OP and are completely ruining the PVP experience? Personally I’m not aware of any.
If anything has killed the game then it is Ludia’s strategy of constantly releasing obviously broken creatures like Refre, Anky Lux, Hydra, Paratops, Albertocevia or Imperato.

Things so strong that you basically are forced to use it in order to stay competitive. And in that list I do not see a single flock…


I wouldn’t say hydra is overpowered

Its a cunning that bleeds. Much like ref, having an ability it has no place possessing, that allows it to take out tanks, automatically makes it op.

It’s a class error,it should be cunning/fierce.besides this thing only ties or loses to tanks like skoona or anky Lux

They havent ruined the game even though some days it feels like it. The only thing i would say is that they were be fine if there weren’t so many with healing and distraction abilities.

The mechanics of flocks could be reviewed. Someone mentioned that damage should be reduced every time a flock member dies, I tend to agree. It would reduce the advantage gained by the absorb effect.


Do you really think that a creature that not only survives in this broken meta without any problems but is even present in almost 92% of all top teams doesn’t have to be overpowered itself?

It’s does need some slight nerfs,like removing the deceleration resistance and nerfong the amour back to 10%,also remove its crit buff while giving it stun immunity and rend resistance

Flocks have the same problem swap ins have

They are fine on their own but then get overpowered variations and get put on way to many modern creatures

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And that’s what “ruins” the game

I hate flocks. Long and boring battles. Long and confusing move descriptions. Can’t recall which flock does which type of move when you swap or which lockdown. The game was better before flocks.


I prefer OP fierce creatures, at least they make the battles shorter.

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Lack of more group targeting moves are problem here, not the flocks.


Definitely need more group attacks especially ones that cleanse distraction or go through evade. That would help with flocks.


Exactly. Since most flocks are cunning, group resilient and superiority can solve this flock pandemic in the game.


Another problem with flocks is that all of the non hybrids are cunning, it would have been very interesting to make lystro a resilient or anurognathus a fierce but no they all have to be cunning which is very boring

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Argenteryx beats Brachiosaurus. All top teams last skill tourney had Coelurosauravus. All top teams in the skill tourney prior that had at least 3 flocks. You literally cannot avoid flocks, which I would be fine with if their whole moveset didn’t scream “let’s extend the time of the battle by 5 minutes”. This, along with the fact that Ludia hasn’t buffed the huge majority of resilients to be able to counter what they should be countering, make them the most annoying creatures in the game by far.

If Ludia made a “bypass absorb” effect specifically for resilient and superiority moves that don’t have group damage, flocks would be so much more tolerable.