What do you think about my Lineup

I need 2 more pyroraptors to get Carnoraptor and I’ve got enough Dimetro dna. Also have enough Euoploceph Sdna and need a mono unlock to get that super hybrid. Also working on Monostegotops. I realize that there is a huge ferocity jump from Indom to Diplosuchus and I regret leveling him up


Welcome! You’re off to a good start. It’s good that you’re mindful of those ferocity jumps. With a bit of grinding you can close up that gap.

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Thanks! I’m halfway to the CoT and if I can get Metri then I just need the dna and I can make Metriaphodon

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Tha gap between indo and other dinos is huge so I recommend you fusing diplosuchus and making herbrivore hybrid

Welcome! Like others said you need to get superhybrids.Work on monostego and dimetrocarnus.Have as many diplosuchus you can and level up them.Get tropeogopteurs to level 40 till you get tapejalocephalus.Ankylodocus is good superhybrid get him stronger.Level your legends to 40 level .
Most important thing on your level is get to tourney predator and get 2 cards of legends.

Ok Thanks.

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I got this beauty today!

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Got these beauties from CoT! Working my way to Metriphodon.