What do you think about night lights?

Good afternoon or evening .
Just wanted to ask the society if you think night lights will be added . in other games on this topic, they are present. But they are not here. But if they were added what do you think they are for, or how exactly did they perform a role in the game, if they are small ? Or could they have adult versions ?)

I REALLY want nightlights free because im poor and I trust that you will make them ADORABLE

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I have crazy theory about that. So I think the reason they arent in the game is probably because in the future all small species like terrible terror, and night lights(because they dont have adult version yet) will be something like supporting dragon to any dragon of your team. What supporter means… I personally think at something like this: when you add helper dragon to any dragon of your team it will help with dealing bonus damage, gain bonus health …etc. I dont like this idea and lets hope to never see it ingame.