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What do you think about Smilodon and its hybrids

Personally, it should be better since it only has “superficial” damage and its hybrids equally, i think it should have a little benefit or pieecing ability or break defenses. Might have escape ability and inmmunity to distraction. And you do tou think?

PD: i’m new in the forum

Welcome, Smilodon is more like a raptor structure moves, even the others Pachy and Carbonemys don’t have armor piercing moves so he is fine. Immune to Distraction is a possibility but then it would lose immune to stuns or deceleration

I would like them to be the same both in the game and in real life, and that in real life he was not a runner and he also game he mammoths (in the game he cannot cope). If they had and anti-tank ability and more life they would be better since it was the “star” in the patch that was added, but now it is better archaotherium😢

I use smilonemys and its done wonders for me. 50% armor really helps

An 1180 attack would not be bad, a new ability like “raking pounce” would be fine

I feel like smiloceph falls a bit flat. It can do 2 rampages but what’s the point of having it when you can make phourosura? the only thing this has over phouru is that it can increase the crit chance and you can’t stun. otherwise phoru is better, even with creating it.

Exactly, phoru is better in everything

I think nemys needs 100% swap-in stun. It’s fine if the swap-in stunning strike some creatures have fails to stun, because they’re still doing damage on their swap-in. If nemys’ swap-in stun fails, not only does the swap-in do absolutely nothing (and it is the only swap-in move that can do absolutely nothing), but it actively punishes you by swap preventing you for two turns.

Making nemys’ swap-in stun 100% wouldn’t make it OP, as many creatures it commonly faces (magna, gemini, maxima, both indos, yoshi, erlidom) are immune to stuns or fully immune. It would simply give nemys a better chance at countering the things it’s meant to counter, like huge boosted thor.