What do you think about this


Sidestep 2? It haves no difference with sidestep

sidestep 2 it has 100% doge 66.7% attack 2 turns and 3 turns incresee speed with 10% and the sidestep it only one turn doge and 2 turns increse speed

a bit change

new idea

And the stats here are of what lvl?

i think it was level 26 but i just put we can change for better ideas i was my first creata

Definitely more dmg

Like maybe 1300?

i remember i was looking to do like indoraptor like in level 21 3021 hp and 1389 attack i think its good

i creat this because i was thinking it would be cool to have a rival for indoraptor

i think we need those

First dino roll up to 4200hp 1400 dmg

i think are good but we can change

And second hybrid as if its Fierce-resilient he souls have more health ( Fierces and resilients often have a lot health)

And 1200 dmg

Good but i think you should buff the speed and the damage

A dino’s base stats are the stats they have at lvl 26. I suggest looking through the toolbox’s Dinodex to check the stats for existing creatures, so you can base hybrids off of the stats of the ingredients.

yeah i learn that today now i do hybrids based on the dy dinos i use for hybird like this

ore like this