What do you think December's creature of the month is?

  • Baronyx

  • T rex

  • Scutosaurus

  • Allosaurus gen2

  • Spinosaurus gen2

  • Koolosuchus

  • Troodon

  • Pyroraptor

  • Mammoth

  • Rhino

  • Anklyosaurus

  • Arcocanthosaurus

  • Carbonmys

  • Concavetor

  • Erlikosaurus

  • Grypo

  • Kentronto

  • Pteranadon

  • Rajadosaurus

  • Secondo

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What I want: Woolly Rhinoceros
What it will be: Alanqa


True true @DinoThunder

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What’s up with you guys wanting Wolly Mammoth for the reward?
Is Mammolania still good?


Oh ya. Been good for a while now. One of the best tanks out there.

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I’m half hoping it’s going to be Haast for the soul reason I want to unlock Poukandactylus
(Doubt it will be though)

Hoping the weekly reward has coatlus cuz I’m grinding for orion


Mammolania is awesome plus some people might still be trying to make entelolania.

well it’s winter and mammoth has fur, so using logic and reasoning I can predict that the dinosaur is baryonyx


Quetzorion is fun, especially to torment people who don’t have a resilient/ shattering move.


At least it will help lower player to get tryo, now tryo is one of the biggest contributor in raid,

Especially when your opponent use cloak agaist him :joy:

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Oh yes. Run Erlindom. Queztorion is out and about now. Though I boosted mine to 140 speed today.

What happend

Orion is a counter to erlindomin, and I was battling with it.

No why is it still stigmioloch

Let’s all wait till it comes

Oh. That’s become it changes next week. The creature changes every first Monday of the month.

If you guys want to bet,the bingo is here :

I’ve looked. It’s interesting. You made it if I remember correctly