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What do you think is E750

What creature do you think is E750

pick your choice
  • Dakotaraptor
  • Indoraptor
  • Indominus rex gen 2

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What’s an E750?

A lad room in camp Cretaceous

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I think it is non of this, it is a preindoraptor project probably or maybe even a monolophosaurus hybrid

Well YouTube vids have confirmed it is scorpius rex (do not unblur if you don’t want spoilers)

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None of them.

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It looks a LOT like Mono gen 2 in the trailer of season 3

None of them it’s scorpius rex.

E750 is a dinosaur!

I am the only correct one here

I thought E750 was a salmon.


We should wait perhaps E750 is made fron a different combination than indominus or indoraptor. Perhaps he is from a different theropod